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Discount Review (Updated by Rel)

You may have joined a lot of other anal sites in the past looking for something new and exciting only to find the same old tired whores in the same positions doing the same things. Ass Traffic is different! Featuring new models who are often not seen elsewhere and filming them in amazing 1920x1080 resolution (true HD 1080p), this is an ass sex website built for modern perverts!

On most porn sites the main star of the show is the sexy young lady performing for you on camera. That's true on Ass Traffic as well but her real costar is the camera itself. Ass Traffic is one of the first and only porn sites in the world offering video in true 1080p High-Definition clarity. Some of the techie crowd knows what that means but for those who don't... it means you can watch these movies on a 50" LCD television with the same level of detail that the best Hollywood HD films can provide. Even better, you don't need an HD television to watch them because your computer monitor can display the movies full screen with the same amazing picture quality!

Ass Traffic is not a new website. It has been around for a while and already has 312 exclusive videos in its archives. Each movie is available in a variety of formats including dialup friendly smaller versions, broadband enhanced versions and the monster 1080p version. The site gives you the option to stream the movie online using an excellent Flash viewer embedded in the interface or to download the movie to your own hard drive collection.

The one drawback to the 1080p version of these hardcore anal fuck scenes in that the file sizes get really large. At over 2GB per scene you don't want to go around downloading every movie you see because the space needed expands very quickly. Instead, the best way to enjoy the site is to watch the scenes streaming in Flash and then download the hottest ones in the highest clarity so you can enjoy them again and again whenever you feel like it.

Ass Traffic updates once a week and the interface makes it easy for you to find whatever you are looking for. In fact, it's as easy as clicking a few checkboxes and pressing the search button to find exactly the kind of kink your dick wants to see first! As a suggestion, be sure to check out Litzy the brunette in the update from July 3rd 2007. Yes she is quite an ass whore and her butthole takes a thumping in a fantastic Double Penetration during the scene. But her ass to mouth skills, squirting abilities, gaper and throat-fucking prowess are all also on display that day. You have got to see this filthy fucking whore in action!

Ass Traffic is not part if a site network, but it does provide plenty of bonus material with videos, member reviews of movies and discount offers to other HD sites that are only available for their members.

Priced at $29.95 per month Ass Traffic is a bit cheaper that expected. You can get an even better deal by taking the 90 day membership for only $69.95 instead. Yes, they offer a 3 day limited trial for only $2.95 but the trials are never as good as the monthly full access so skip it and go for the full month instead!

You have never seen ass fucking quite like this. Even if you have watched ass fucking for days and days, seeing it in 1080p is a whole new experience. You can see every tiny wrinkle on these gorgeous babe's rectums as their costars cram thick cocks balls-deep inside their colons! Take the tour and see for yourself. Ass Traffic just gave anal sex a new friend, and its name is High-Def!

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Ass Traffic:

  • by JimmyJ  -  Rating: 4/5

    Ass Traffic is hot man. It's loaded with super sexy babes getting their beautiful tight asses deeply fucked by big hard cocks and that is something I really like. I love to whatch a hot girl getting it in her ass so I can make believe it is me doing it to her. I would like the chance to ass fuck any of the babes in this site. Man oh man. Just thought of it makes my dick tingle. There's enough ass fucking in this site for any ass man and I loved it all.

  • by Joboy612  -  Rating: 4/5

    Ass Traffic has ass, ass and more ass. I really like this site. I am a big ass fucking fan and I found it to be really cool to watch all of the hot babes in this site toying their ass and getting fucked hard in their asses. That is a big turn on to me and I have to say that I would happily ass fuck any one of the girls that are in the members area of this website. More than once.

  • by Tommy  -  Rating: 5/5

    You won't find a better ass related or anal fucking site anywhere no matter how hard you try. This site is so intense and extreme at times that it should also be labeled as fetish or hardcore as well. This site was my first experience with true high quality porn movies and pictures and I have yet to see any other site offer anything comparable. What keeps me coming back to ass traffic, besides the content quality, is the fact that everything is done with a reality touch and is unscripted. Nothing but beautiful amateur women getting their ass holes tore apart.

  • by DaAssMan  -  Rating: 5/5

    OK, so I have to admit that every time I visit the front page of this site to log in I have mixed emotions. They have that picture at the top of the page with the chick and the doorknob size gaping asshole. It kind of freaks me out man. But, I've learned just to look away until I scroll down the page to find the login link.

    This has to be some of the best quality video and photos that I've seen on a porn site. You would think they were snapping glamor shots of some Hollywood star instead of puckered up assholes getting slammed. The full-length video option is the bomb. I'm on my 5th month of membership and this shit just keeps getting better.

  • by Ron P.  -  Rating: 4/5

    There aren't many downsides to a site this great but I would like to see either a lower price or some kind of network site access. It's pretty high priced to stay a member more than one month but the content is so good you want to stay. Don't try the trial because, A) the content is good enough to spend a month there and B) the trial is limited and you only get samples so it's a waste of money.

  • by Magic Man  -  Rating: 4/5

    Great site, high price, gorgeous chicks, updates could come a little faster, no bonus access, my dick is sore from all the masturbating...

  • by Guy F  -  Rating: 5/5

    I typically don't leave any comments but I have to say a few words about this company and this site. I had a membership that I had purchased on a Friday evening. I couldn't get logged in for some reason and since most offices are closed I figured that I would lose a couple of days of my time and not have any fun this weekend. I took a chance and contacted customer support at like midnight on a Friday and surprisingly I had a response almost immediately. They walked me through logging in (I had a problem with cookies on my computer) and made sure that I was logged in before their emails stopped. That combined with the amazing content will keep me as a customer for a very long time.

  • by StevenSolo105  -  Rating: 5/5

    I have to give it up for this site too. The quailty of the videos with girls getting their asses reemed out is as good as any in the world. And of course every bitch in this site takes it in the ass, which is my favorite way of fucking. There's lots of content to pick from and this place is an anal man's paradise and I will be staying around for a very long time.

  • by L T  -  Rating: 5/5

    this is 1 of the best ass fucking sites there is, I usualy go fer shemales but this is some of the best hardcore porn there is, I love watching the girls get their asses fucked so deep they almost beg for mercy, I love it. I jack it so much to these girls I feel like I know everyone of them...

  • by AssMan  -  Rating: 5/5

    Oh watch a hot bitch getting rammed deep up her tight heels...standing up and bent over...and then the guy pulls out...and she turns around...drops to her knees...and she deepthroats that nasty, dirty cock...and then gets back up and bends over for more ass fucking...fuck that makes me cum so hard...the best is when I'm fucking a girl in her ass while we watch a porno video when this happens...oh man I go nuts...Asstraffic videos are GREAT for if only I can get her to suck me when I pull it out of her asshole...

  • by captain wank-alot  -  Rating: 5/5

    hi that was brilliant I was thinking do you have any free pictures of what the asshole looks like after the asshole has been Blown Up/Penantrated. ?

  • by Scotty g. G  -  Rating: 4/5

    Just my thing. now if only i could get my one and only true blue wife to try some of these moves. id b n heaven cuz shes perfect n all other ways

  • by matty  -  Rating: 5/5

    i love the ass on this site

  • by PervMan  -  Rating: 5/5

    I subscribed to this site for one reason. My wife won't take it up the ass, but she knows I love ass fucking, so she lets me watch the videos and look at the pictures on, while she gets under my desk and sucks me off. It doesn't take me long to blow my load in her throat when I'm watching some euro hottie getting her gorgeous round ass fucked doggy style, especially when he pulls his cock out and makes her suck it clean ass to mouth!

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