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Discount Review (Updated by Tiffany)

You've heard of Bang Bus, which is that oh so famous reality site that everyone knows about. Here we have Bait Bus, which is the same concept - but done with a twist that these guys were never expecting. Hot chicks lure in straight studs, but once they get in the van they end up blindfolded and sucked off by a gay guy. No matter how pissed off they get, eventually they agree to a full out gay experience...for a bit of cash, of course.

Although they're obviously taking a ton from the Bang Bus, Bait Bus puts a great spin on things by giving these guys the man surprise of a life time. They get in the van, expecting this big titty babe to give them the time of their life. Instead, they pull down their blindfold to discover they've been sucked off by a guy. Some of the dudes get violent, some get even more turned on - but either way it's all fucking hot.

There is an episode every week or so, which lets you see the latest amateur hotties that the Bait Bus has picked up. Each episode comes with screencaps of 655x480, pictures that are crisp and clear at 800x500. The videos are really good quality for reality porn, with 640x480 and 1 mbps.

They tend to range around 30 minutes long, and you can download or stream them as mgp. The full scenes are able to be downloaded or you can go clip to clip. You can also preview trailers of the episodes if you want to get a good idea of what's going on. I do have to say that it's fascinating the different types of guys that end up in the Bait Bus. You would assume the big, muscle man type of dude would be the one that really gets pissed at the bait and switch - but it's usually the little dudes that really fly off the handle. I guess they just have more of a chip on their shoulder.

There are 41 episodes total, which is actually a decent number given the site has only been around since mid last year. The action is just what you would expect from the Bang Bros in both quality and content, and although the sets are a bit on the low side, you know they're going to keep on updating for as long as they keep on fucking.

Bait Bus might be a bit on the small side right now, but the quality of the videos is good and the reactions of the amateur men are priceless. If you're looking for a steadily growing gay site that will have you smiling as much as wanking, then this is a great choice. Just don't be surprised when you see the reactions, which all seem to be rather authentic.

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Bait Bus:

  • by Vern  -  Rating: 4/5

    This is a fun site for anyone that likes sex. It may be a bit of a turn off for straight guys but I think that gay, bi or women would love it. Basically when a guy gets into the van he thinks he's going to get lucky with a hot chick but instead gets paid to do a guy. In all of the 7 episodes they are successful in getting him to do it.

    The only thing that I would love to see to make this site better is the ones that walk away, run away or get fighting mad over the proposition. I think that would add the real factor and make it a truly unique site. The price is not bad at all and with it being from Bang Bros you know that it's going to have pretty good content. The bonuses are nice but they aren't male/male sex related they are all straight.

  • by Foxyfellow  -  Rating: 4/5

    Come on folks, wake the fuck up. This ain't real guys. The dudes in this site are hired to pretend they are not gay. Anybody that thinks you're just going to pull straight guys off of the street and convince them to have gay sex for a little money, without having some serious fights, has got a lot of air swirling around between their ears. Now that being said, the site is fun just the same. The idea is to get lost in the fantasy of it all, not to be stupid and think it really is real.

  • by dreamer  -  Rating: 5/5

    that really arouses me!! the guys are effin good even if they're just pretending

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