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Discount Review (Updated by David)

Big Wet Butts is a site with a name perfectly picked out. No small asses, no dry backdoors... all big beautiful butts soaking wet with oil and saliva begging to be broken in by cocks that would never fit in them without the help of a nice grease job before final entry! These plump posteriors get pounded by stuntcocks coated in slippery fluids until the guys can't take it any more and have to pull out to add some liquids of their own to the messy cheeks of their pretty partners!

You have never fucked a woman in the cornhole properly if you haven't tried smearing corn oil all over your rod before dunking it in her dumper! Big Wet Butts brings you all this slippery action including a nice slow build-up as the girl gets introduced and has her ass waxed with whatever greasy goo is laying around. Then it's on to some earthquaking shaking as their giant backsides wiggle for you with the lights glimmering off those gooey glutes!

The site holds 182 exclusive videos in its archives already and more are added every week. With each clip being 15-20 minutes in length, that works out to around 30 full hours of soaking ass crack content just waiting for you to show up and download it! None of the clips are DRM coded so this is an excellent site for collectors who want to save these scenes to their hard drive for later use on a rainy day.

Along with the videos, Big Wet Butts also brings you exclusive picture sets in high-res 900x600 format that let you see every drip of juice as it dribbles down her ass crack and runs down the inside of their gorgeous thighs. This site is as much a work of art as it is a filthy porn site!

The interface for a site like this one is very important because Big Wet Butts is one part of a much larger network for websites. Your full monthly membership includes automatic access to over a dozen other sites and when you add them all up its 100s of videos and 1000s of pictures for your dick to pick through. The browse and search functions allow you to find every update starring a model you like no matter what networked site it's on. You can also rate scenes or let other viewers do the work for you and search by the most popular clips as rated by other users. It's all done to help save you time so your cock can get right into the action quickly.

Video is in high quality 640x480 but can also be downloaded in smaller segments or lower resolutions so that dialup users will find Big Wet Butts exciting as well. You can buy a 2 day limited trial for $2.95 if you want but limited trial access doesn't get you onto all the other sites. The one month plan for $24.95, or 3 months full access for $49.95 are much better deals in the long run. If you really want to save some cash, buy the 12 month plan for $95.40 (just $7.95 per month!) and be set for an entire year in one easy step. The sexy butts and slippery action on Big Wet Butts is well worth a full year of your dick's attention!

Big Wet Butts offers it's members a site that's filled to the brim with value. With tens of thousands of pictures and hundreds of movies it's hard not to recommend this site to butt lovers everywhere. The quality of the content really blew me away and all the bonus sites was just icing on the cake. This is definitely a site that I would remain a member of for quite a while.

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Big Wet Butts:

  • by matt  -  Rating: 5/5

    i love it! it's the best butt site.the butts look realllllllly good.the butts and the holes on the girls would make you whack off.

  • by AssMan2007  -  Rating: 4/5

    OK, butts are great but I'm not sure that making them wet with oil or water makes them any more appealing. I'm an ass man and I'll take em any way I can get em. I've joined nearly every ass site on the net and I'm not going to skip one just because it's a little oily. I just joined and I found that there are just over 100 videos like you say but I don't have a problem with them being full-length episodes at all. Of course, I don't have dial-up and if I did it might piss me off to not have all episodes in shorter clips. What persuaded me to go ahead and splurge on the membership was the amazing quality of the preview photos and videos as well as the fact that when you join you also have access to the entire Brazzers network which is full of awesome sites like this.

  • by JP  -  Rating: 5/5

    I am what I would call a porn connoisseur. I try to keep up with new sites that are coming out and what companies are producing them because I tend to think that when you find a company that puts out one quality site then most of their sites will be quality. This Brazzers company is a company that I've recently found through their sites and I think that they are definitely a quality company. Everything that I've seen from them has been quality and Big Wet Butts is no exception.

    I like that when you join BWB you also have access to their other sites in the network. The price is fantastic, the high resolution photos and high quality video is amazing and the site is growing daily. I think that the content is mostly if not totally exclusive and Brazzers is one company to keep an eye on. They have big things in their future.

  • by JimboHean  -  Rating: 5/5

    Even though this site is called Big Wet Asses it is mostly asses that are oiled down really well. And I love seeing a girl with a great ass getting her asshole well fucked. For me there's nothing to compare and this site does that and more very,very well.

  • by mony  -  Rating: 5/5

    Excellent quality of ass butts found ever in your site. Thanks very much yet friends.

  • by ferial bouhasoun  -  Rating: 5/5

    it is very nice

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