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Discount Review (Updated by Tiffany)

What can you truly say about Boys First Time? Well, you can say that it is one of the most erotic and hottest sites on the Internet. Each and every guy featured on Boys First Time has never had a gay experience before much less had it filmed and posted on the Internet for all to see. It's fun to watch the guys as they get horny and just abandon all concerns or modesty and let it all hang out.

I have visited other sites that are owned by the same crew that runs Boys First Time and I am never disappointed. Each and every time I log in I am amazed that they run such a tight ship. You have everything laid out so neatly that you wouldn't realize you were inside a porn site if it wasn't for the hot content.

Starting at the top of the page you will notice a navigational bar. There are links here for everywhere within the site you might want or need to go. You will find everything from recent updates, your favorites and even the bonus sites that you have access to as a member.

The next thing that you encounter is the most recent update that has been published. This is helpful if you've already managed to make it through the 247 scenes that are currently on Boys First Time. But, if you haven't yet made it through the entire site and want to see what else is offered the past updates can be found just below the most recent update.

I would recommend scrolling down and clicking on the "View All" link and that way you get a nice, neat list of all scenes that have been previously published. Each scene has a title and description of the scene as well as a link to the photos, movie and video screen captures. You will have to visit each link separately as the producers have kept all content on individual pages.

The photo page has a gallery style viewing of the photos and they can be viewed individually or you can download the entire zip file. You can view and download the video screen captures the same way. You will have to remember though that the screen captures are a much lower quality typically because they are frozen images taken directly from the video rather than individual content taken with a digital camera. Last but not least are the movies. You can view and download the clips in small one minute clips or medium sized clips that are available in WMV and MPG formats. If you're really wanting the ultimate experience though I would personally grab the full-length movie and enjoy all of the uninterrupted masturbation that you can watching these first time twinks getting busy.

There are some additional features that you will want to be aware of. With the Boys First Time membership you also have access to a member's community where you can talk with other members of Boys First Time. There is also access to two other bonus sites with your membership.

Boys First Time brings you some of the cutest guys in the world experimenting with gay sex for the very first time. All of the action is filmed and photographed and catalogued in the member's area so that you can enjoy the sweet thrill of these boys first time over and over. There is a large amount of content and you do have access to a couple of hot bonus sites. Overall, I think that anyone who is interested in gorgeous young gay guys is going to be pleased.

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Boys First Time:

  • by Dick  -  Rating: 4/5

    There are more things about this site that I like than not like. The guys are always super cute and the site has been around forever so there is a lot of content. The navigation is also very easy to use and the layout is clean and simple. The things I don't care so much for. You get bonus site access to the entire network but only two of those might interest any gay man whatsoever. But, I guess you can have your friends that are interested in straight porn over and use the hell out of those bonus sites. The quality is good but I think it could be better. Boys First Time had cutting edge quality videos back in the day but they haven't advanced as much as I would have liked. The price is extremely fair though and it's a solid site with exclusive content.

  • by j.boy  -  Rating: 4/5

    Some of the pictures are really hot but some just turn my off completely

  • by Kamiti  -  Rating: 5/5

    Like to suck cock and gay toes

  • by Vlad  -  Rating: 4/5

    wish i had BIG cock to suck

  • by d.o  -  Rating: 4/5

    i like to suck that dick

  • by Baddboyfilms  -  Rating: 4/5

    These videos are what you are looking for

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