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Discount Review (Updated by Ashley)

Club Seventeen is Europe's number one mega teen site, or at least that's what Club Seventeen claims in its tour. The makers of Club Seventeen have been in the smut business since 1975, which may explain why a lot of the older photos look like they were snapped in the mid-eighties. Seriously, teens these days don't wear sweatbands! Anyway, the new updates are getting better in pretty much every way, they're digital images now compared to the magazine style pics from before and the models are much more modern looking.

I'll admit that Club Seventeen's design confused the living shit out of me at first. Put simply, there is so much stuff to see and so many links to click that it's nearly impossible not to become totally bewildered whilst doing time in the member's area. They have updated the navigation system since the last time the site was reviewed though and it does seem to be getting better. A search feature has been added which lets you browse by model name, category, or any set of words you type in. However, all this categorization can only help so much because of the sheer volume of content on this site. At least you can say that it's a "good negative" I guess... the good side is that you get a virtually endless amount of content; the negative is that it's a little hard to find your way around.

So of course Club Seventeen's biggest asset is its vast, sprawling archive of content. There are thousands upon thousands of photos of legal teenaged girls to ogle. There is so much content, in fact, that I think it would be physically impossible to masturbate to all of it in a single lifetime. And if there wasn't already enough smut on the site, they post two updates a day, thus insuring that you'll never have to come back and see the same old stuff over and over again.

As I said earlier, a lot of the photos on Club Seventeen appear to be decades old. Granted, the models were probably teens when they were photographed for these ancient sets, but they're probably middle-aged housewives by now, which is a disconcerting thought. It's a good thing they've started to update with newer style content because that other stuff was getting stale. Club Seventeen is based in The Netherlands, so it's a safe bet that all of the models are of European descent. As is the case with most Euro porn, the models definitely look way too attractive to be doing smut.

The photos look pretty decent despite some of them being older than dirt. All the action is nicely staged and the pics are bigger than life. All the shots are crisp and clear. The photos are a joy to behold, and you'll be able to see all the close-up details here.

The videos on Club Seventeen come from their teen cinema which has clips from their DVDs. They can be played with Windows Media Player after being downloaded in a choice of three size: low, high, and full. Of course the full option takes a little while longer to download but it's worth the wait if you want quality. Your membership here also gives you access to Seventeen Live which was setup to let you chat with the models on webcam. They get naked and play with their pussy while you watch and talk and it's all free with your membership here.

This is the place to be if you're looking for enough teen porn to fill your bomb shelter. Seriously if you downloaded all of the content at Club Seventeen you could have something different to look at for the rest of your life. As I have been saying, the quality has been getting much better in recent years and they're keeping true to their update schedule of two new sets per day. The price is a little higher than normal although I felt like it was worth it for this type of stuff, everyone knows the Seventeen babes by now.

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Club Seventeen:

  • by Shoo Man  -  Rating: 3/5

    All the hype ive seen this site get and then I join and I am not seeing what all the talk is about. It is by far not the worst site I have joined, but fuck it sure isn't in my top 5 sites list. The content is very strange looking like it was taken out of an magazine it looks all air brushed and shit. Its also a lil hard to navigate to find the content.

  • by AlanRyder  -  Rating: 3/5

    I agree with Shoo for the most part. This site has a lot of fucking content but it seems like it's all old magazine type of stuff. And yes they do get a lot of hype on the web but after looking at the members area I can't figure that out. All I can say is they are good promoters and not that good of providers.

  • by bob saget  -  Rating: 3/5

    Well I find this site quiet interesting it was easy to find on my phone so it is quick exssess to porn unfortanally my phone doesn't have video capability so I can only enjoy pictures but I think that google pics is much better for that o an by the way I am not actualy bob saget for all you retards out there am I just a sexy beast

  • by Hannibal  -  Rating: 5/5

    I'd have to say that Club Seventeen is a little better than these other people are saying. Yes, a lot of their content is older stuff but who cares how old it is? As long as it's hot I'm going to like it and I do like most of what is in this site. Beautiful young girls who stick toys in their tight ass, suck and fuck like pros and even get double penetrated for our enjoyment. This place might not be the best there is but it is still better than a lot of the teen sites out there.

  • by George M  -  Rating: 2/5

    Hannibal must be an employee of Club Seventeen! Seriously,
    it was a waste of money - Very disappointed. Older material. Pic quality variable (must be compressed a lot). Video's were grainy. There are beyyer out there.

  • by Kellog  -  Rating: 2/5

    Truly Bait and Switch. The site says you get high-rez video's but you get only a part of it. You get the rest by signing up to another site! They aren't high-rez either. They say they have high-rez pics but 75% of them are really old, not high-rez and grainy. The rest are highly compressed large files. Get a refund from Club Seventeen if you can.

  • by melvin  -  Rating: 5/5

    gud one

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