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Female Celebrities Review

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Review (Updated by David)

Nude celebrity sites are a dime a dozen these days - you can't throw a rock in cyberspace without hitting one or two of 'em. Female Celebrities is yet another site peddling the same infamous photographs and embarrassing sex tapes of naked famous folks that we've all seen a million times. The best stuff found on Female Celebrities has made the rounds a thousand times by now - these pics and videos are certainly great, but they can be found for free on countless sites and newsgroups, so is Female Celebrities worth a look? Let's take a look and find out.

Though it may seem disorienting at first glance due to all the text, links and content on the site, the members area of Female Celebrities is extremely easy to navigate once you've gotten your bearings. The members area of Female Celebrities contains movie reviews, celebrity news and links to clips of infamous sex tapes, the top ten celebrities on the site and "Stripped & Famous," which highlights some of the most popular starlets on Female Celebrities. The female celebrities on Female Celebrities are divided up into various categories, including athletes, models, singers, soap opera stars, flicks (movie stars), television (TV stars) and quickies. Each celebrity has her own profile page that contains a bio and links to her nude, semi-nude and non-nude images as well as videos that may be available for download. Members can search through the site's vast archive of starlets by first name, last name and movie titles. Ironically, Female Celebrities contains a great deal of content featuring male stars, including plenty of (thankfully) non-nude shots of Carrot Top, Tony Danza and Jason Biggs.

There are over sixteen hundred galleries and over seventy-seven hundred downloadable and streaming videos on Female Celebrities. The full-size pics on Female Celebrities vary in quality and size, with some being quite large and others being small and grainy - the quality of the individual shots depends on the quality of the sites that Female Celebrities originally got 'em from, I suppose. The video clips also vary in quality and are available for download in two formats: Windows Media, which has a screen size of three hundred and twenty by two hundred and forty, and MPEG, which has a screen size of three hundred and sixty by two hundred and seventy.

For reasons I don't quite understand, there is also a XXX section on Female Celebrities that contains no celebrities in it but does include over three hundred sets of pictures, one hundred full-length streaming hardcore videos from a variety of studios and over two hundred video feeds in a variety of categories. Members of Female Celebrities also get access to four additional non-celebrity sites: (which contains thousands of hours of XXX videos), (where ex-wives fuck like dogs before the ink on their divorce papers has even dried), (where voyeurs can peep girls alone in their dorm rooms) and (which has strippers on it, shockingly enough - who'd have thunk it!).

Though Female Celebrities doesn't offer anything new when it comes to celebrity porn it still has the benefits of having everything in one place. If your obsessed with the rich and famous than this is perhaps the site that you should consider joining. All others may proceed with caution.


$2.95 for 3 days (recurring)
$29.95 for 1 month (recurring)

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Female Celebrities:

  • by Jonathon  -  Rating: 3/5

    There are a ton of celebrity sites and I just can't tell which one has the best content. You can find nipple slips and paparazzi pictures just about anywhere you look, but I want to find the celebrity sex tapes and all the shit that you can't find for free. This site says that they have lots of celebrity sex tapes available, but I am curious if you get to watch the entire video or only the parts that have already leaked out onto the internet.

  • by Ray  -  Rating: 4/5

    You are absolutely right in thinking some celebrity sites only offer the stuff that you can find for free, but I can tell you that if this site advertises that they have a scandal video, then they will have the entire thing for you to watch inside the members' area.

  • by Jonathon  -  Rating: 4/5

    Thanks Ray for the heads up.. Guess I will head over and see if I can find some of my favorite gals exposing themselves and getting caught in the act. I'm going to join right now thanks to you and PC.

  • by Georgie  -  Rating: 3/5

    This site has a lot of celeb content but it's really nothing more special than any of the other celeb sites I have seen out there so far. I would like to here if they have the Pam Anderson and Paris Hilton tapes. I might just join to see those.

  • by MajprPamFan  -  Rating: 4/5

    Female Celebrities is one of those site that show us all hot and revealing pics and some vidoes of a lot of our favorite movie stars and celebrities. And mostly it is stuff that you would have already seen if you are a big fan of that person. A lot of the pics are screen caps from movies they have been in, etc... I don't personally find anything special about that but I have to admit I love seeing Pamela Anderson naked. I saw her naked in person a few times in the early ninties and she really is a true goddess, I kid you not. And to see any nude pics of her makes a site like this worth while for me.

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