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Discount Review (Updated by Jan)

Beautiful young ladies who enjoy showing off their gorgeous bodies and sexy smiles are the mainstay of FTV Girls discount. There are literally hundreds of amazing girls in the videos and photos and you will absolutely find no better quality on the Internet. It's reminiscent of a certain magazine that's been around forever but with a nice twist of only having 18-23 year old girls featured. All of the FTV Girls are amateurs and all of them are amazingly beautiful.

The one thing that totally fascinates me about FTV Girls is that they advertise that they do not retouch or airbrush their models. That's a pretty rare occurrence in the world of video and photography and just goes to show the caliber of girls that they have modeling for them.

I'm not even positive that I'm going to be able to give you an accurate count of how much content is in this member's area. There are very few sites that have left me in awe of the amount of content but FTV is one of those sites. There are updates all the way back to 2002. Seriously, you are not going to believe how much is available. This is one of the few sites that I will ever score a perfect 10 on the amount of content.

What's even better than the amount of content is that it's such high quality. The videos are offered in clips with the formats being WMV and AVI. They also offer High Definition movies, which makes you feel like you're right in the middle of the action. Sadly, there is no full-length video option available but the shorter clips allow you to download more even faster. What's even more astonishing is that the photo galleries are awesome. The digital photos are art gallery quality with peep show subject matter. You can even download the zip files of the photos so that you can enjoy them whenever you're offline or print them out and show the guys your new "girlfriend".

There is so much content available that it can be tricky to determine the best way to find what you want. I highly recommend looking to the top of your page for the navigational bar, from there look for the Updates link and choose the "archives" portion. This will allow you to view the content sets by date of publication on the website. It's really the simplest way to view everything. One of the other ways to view the selection of content is to utilize the alphabetical model directory. By utilizing this method you can see the girls listed by first name, date of publication, measurements, number of photos, mbs of video and a nice synopsis of her content highlights. Regardless of how you choose to view the content you will be overwhelmed with how much there is.

Now, the only thing that someone might think is negative about the site is that there is NO hardcore. But, the site doesn't represent itself as selling hardcore and you shouldn't sign up if you're expecting anything other than what it's claiming to sell. They claim to have beautiful girls in erotic photos and videos and LOTS of them. They deliver everything that they say they are and in my opinion, even more.

There are some extras but I promise you that they are minimal and you won't even think twice about needing anything else to look at. It might take a day or two to get into a rhythm for surfing this site but when you figure out a method and begin downloading you're going to have an amazing collection of beautiful girls that puts your dad's dirty magazine collection to shame.

I can't resist telling you to not be stupid and grab this amazing site with full and total gusto. There are so many gorgeous girls waiting inside the member's area that you will feel like you've hit the lottery. I wouldn't call FTV Girls a porn site. I would call it a site that was created for anyone that loves beautiful women. The price is less than a buck a day and you will fall in love with the girls as quickly as you can click on their videos and photos.

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Ftv Girls:

  • by FlowerEye  -  Rating: 1/5

    I have been on the site for the third time and it is very good, but there is one major thing which spoils everything: they have a download limit of Five (haha) lousy gigs per twentyfour hours. That means in these fast download modern times that you have just an hour or so to enjoy the site. Say, you've reached your download limit at 23:00 h, you have to wait twenty four hours to start again so you have to wait till the next day 23:00 h. This site sux MAJOR! I have nothing with people that earn a fair amount of dollars, but this site is No value for money for the customers. If you really want to do it honest, do it like "In The Crack". (which is expensive but for me the number one site ever!) By the way, the FTVgirls site has very small thumbnails and no overview of the girls. I always open a window as a non member to see all the girls in very small thumbs. Lots of people who are older than fourtyfive would be glad.
    well that it for now, goodbye...

  • by PowerMann  -  Rating: 3/5

    I have seen this site twice now and I liked it both times. Expecially I liked the girls. Young and sexy girls in single and lesbians actions. What I didn't like is that there is a download limit and I just don't get that. If I pay my money I want to download all the pussy pictures and videos that I want. So all I can say is for quality and sexy looking babes this is a good site but I'm not sure it's worth it with the download limit.

  • by Franklin  -  Rating: 4/5

    You should really pay attention to what you're saying about the download limit FlowerEye. There is a DL limit of 15 gigs per day. It's a nice amount and isn't a rip off to anyone that joins the site. You have to remember that some thieves join a site, rip all the content and then sell it off themselves. This generous download really helps the company keep control over their content and allows them to continue to bring great stuff to the members.

  • by AlvinG.H.  -  Rating: 4/5

    That FlowerEye dude is outta his mind. I spent days in this site and never found any kind of problem. And who cares if there is a download limit a day of 5 gigs or 15 gigs? How much fucking porn does one person need? Damn son. What in the world would you do with 5 gigs of porn every day? Personally I have no idea but it sounds like somebody is up to no good.

    This site is a really nice site, with perfectly lovely young ladies who will make your dick so hard it will drive you crazy. I think I'll be staying as a member for quite some time.

  • by cybersauce  -  Rating: 4/5

    The site works fine and have vg+ content I agree with Alvin about the limit. We must consider that no limits would probably mean higher prices and slower download....

  • by BennyRodriquez  -  Rating: 4/5

    Alvin sounds like a chipmonks name but he is absolutely right. This site FTV Girls has great content and it has more of it the most any other ten sites put together. The best looking women in the world and hot jack off material for months and months on end. Very good site.

  • by GeorgeDevro  -  Rating: 4/5

    Yeah, I have to agree with most of the comments here. I have been a member of this site for a long time and I have never felt like I was being limited in anything. This web site has more porn the most websites and I can't imagine needing more than they let you have. And the girls are some of the most beautiful girls in the world and that's for sure.

  • by ~PERSON~  -  Rating: 5/5

    Damn These sex ass girls are HOT as Hell!!! But to make this website more awesome PUT MORE VIDEOS OF THEM HAVING SEX!!!!!!!

  • by K.B  -  Rating: 5/5

    superb site

  • by brad  -  Rating: 5/5

    very sweet site.i used to go to SEXDEMON.TK for all my porno but this site rocks.

  • by vishnu  -  Rating: 5/5

    i loved your site.
    i need a girlfriend

  • by John  -  Rating: 5/5

    Great site for everything!!!!!

  • by Ben  -  Rating: 5/5

    I love it

  • by joseluis mendoza  -  Rating: 4/5

    cool man

  • by Jon  -  Rating: 3/5

    I did not like the site. The girls are nice, but the videos are rather boring. Mostly girls on their back. The videos are cut into sections, so that in order to see an entire movie, you must download more than one link. So you settle for the best part, but then it lacks something to it.
    I love ass, but not much for the doggie style there. As I said, a lot of girls just on their back. Not too inventive on the camera angles.
    Honestly, the guy behind this site needs to hire a better cameraman.

  • by ithurtswhenipee  -  Rating: 5/5

    I was a member about a year ago and this download limit thing must be new. There is no boy/girl hardcore content, but there is a fair amount of girls taking some enormous dildos, fisting, squirting and some of the hottest girl/girl content you have ever seen. All the orgasms are real. The girls are absolutly stunning and all natural. The owner of the site is very picky, even about the girls not having too many tatoos.

  • by SoloKing  -  Rating: 4/5

    I love FTV. But Jon hit the nail on the head about the camera angles, and hiring a new cameraman. I like for the camera work to have equal time angles. Some close-ups here for awhile, some body shots there. But half the scenes on FTV the camera guy is like 10 feet away. I'm like "Get some nice long close-ups, and zooms in on that dude."

    The only disappointing thing i can find with FTV is the camera work. The girls are damn gorgeous, and the girl's name is really easy to find if you know your ABC's. This site would easily get a 5/5 from me if the camera stuff was better.

  • by bills  -  Rating: 4/5

    i am always used to browse this site and finds interesting and i am very much eager to download.

  • by sex god  -  Rating: 5/5

    the girls are soo hot and their pussies are filled with amazing cum!

  • by Speedmac  -  Rating: 5/5

    I had a nice visit. Looks like an excellent site: just what I'm looking for. Will sign-up soon!

  • by Kyliee  -  Rating: 5/5

    I'm a 21 year old woman and I love watchin all the girls get finger fucked and licked!! This site roxx!!!

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