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Discount Review (Updated by Rel)

One thing is for certain. The hot sluts on Hogtied aren't going anywhere and I mean that in the literal sense. This bondage site makes sure of that by tying up these ladies in a variety of different ways. The ladies on Hogtied are bound with secure ropes and suspended from the ceiling while their captors have their way with them. As hard as these babes may try to escape, they soon realize that resistance is all so futile. Step inside Hogtied and watch these babes squirm under their ropes and try to cry out through their gags as they are treated to one orgasm after another. This is truly a porn site that is unlike any other porn site around. If that sounds fun, then check them out.

If you are an amateur Dom it isn't like you can take a class at your local junior college to improve your skills at keeping your sub under control. There is a lot to learn with regard to the tools used, knots employed, positioning and attitude. Whether your goal is to maximize the restraints you are using, more clearly define the boundaries of safe role-play or just want to watch professionals perform these acts of power and submission, Hogtied has it all for you. If anything, this site has become more well rounded and more informative to home schooled bondage lifestylers than it was the last time we reviewed it.

Hogtied goes beyond bondage all the way into the darkest recesses of your mind. With specially constructed bondage furniture and hand made tools of the trade, the Hogtied dungeon is unbelievably well equipped. The collection of complex fuck-machines built just for this site has grown quite a bit since we were last here. If you were a member a while ago it's time to check back again because the crew has a whole new set of sensual devices up their sleeves. All the standard whips and chains with spanked cherry red asses, and pussies fucked raw can still be found haunting their dungeon but this site is more about the mental give and take than the physical.

The interface itself remains a basic black with red and gray text similar to the site tour. It would be nice to see it get a quality update but it seems the owners of Hogtied are content to stay focused on the content instead of the packaging. The best part of the interface remains the fact that you can see everything in the members area during the standard free tour (you just can't download any of it until you sign-up).

Picture galleries which were always a strong part of the Hogtied site have gotten even larger than they were but more importantly they have also become higher resolution than they once were. The newer updates feature photos as clear as 1200x800 which is perfect clarity even at full screen and suitable for printing!

Every one of the 918 updates includes extensive picture sets with on average 200 photos each, and streaming videos or download options. Even better, the updates also allow "check box downloading" which means you can select a set of clips you want to downloaded and push one button to put them on your hard drive as a .zip file. That makes the videos on Hogtied download faster and take up less space than almost any other site you will find. It also means that after all these years since they first launched, the folks at there are still taking steps to remain dialup friendly. If pictures and movies are not your style, hundreds if not thousands of fetish stories are also still available in the site's exclusive archives. The filthiest and most exciting ideas are often the ones in your own mind and these stories help you conjure them up! It is a testimony to the excellence of this site that it has been around since 1997.

A feature we really liked the last time we reviewed Hogtied was the member feedback area for each update. Yes, the members still get to make comment and give every update a rating - whether they like it or hate it and the comments are posted so that the community can decide what direction the site should evolve in. They even give the members a forum where they discuss what they would like to see, who their favorite models are, and so on.

Recent updates feature Dana Vispoli and Amber Rayne so you can be sure Hogtied is still bringing in top quality talent but be advised, this is a bondage site about putting these pussies through the wringer.... Not a standard sex site. Some scenes don't have any sexual intercourse in them and cumshots are rare. You can get that kind of content anywhere else, this is a different flavor of erotic content.

Like I mentioned earlier, they have been updating this since constantly since 1997, so Hogtied is the leader in it's class for BDSM content. The archive of pics and videos that you get is well worth the money and this stuff is all shot by people who know what they're doing. I can definitely recommend this site for all the right reasons: HD quality videos, big high-res images, and plenty of it all!

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Hogtied:

  • by Turner  -  Rating: 5/5

    I am a practitioner of extreme fetish arts and have been in the lifestyle for well over 15 years and I have to say without a doubt this site is top notch and carries on the practice like it should. I see that site is set up a community including forums and that gives this site an A+ in my books. BDSM and extreme fetish niches are a close knit society and anyone who is really into this lifestyle will truly appreciate this site.

  • by Sharton  -  Rating: 5/5

    I have heard great reviews about this site from the bdsm community and having joined little over a week ago I can say that everything I heard was spot on. Great techniques and the settings were absolutely wonderful. Anyone into the lifestyle or at the very least curious should go ahead and check this site out.

  • by zak  -  Rating: 4/5

    nice tits

  • by NDN Heart  -  Rating: 5/5

    Gr8 site love the knots but would love to see more of them plz ty

  • by suhanbhargav  -  Rating: 5/5

    i m gr8 fan of this site......actually i mean 2 say i luv this site

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