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Home Spy Video Review

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Review (Reviewed by Ashley)

Do you like to watch? Home Spy Video lets you see real couples in amateur hardcore action without all of the fake stuff that comes along with most porn. This is one of the largest collections of this type of porn that I have ever seen and I was actually surprised to see how many videos were inside. Of course I didn't look through almost 200 pages of updates but what I saw looked real to me, and I have seen a lot of sites, so I think this is the real deal.

Well they sure didn't waste any time or money on making a flashy design for the free tour, as you can see it has a very amateurish look to it which of course is the theme for Home Spy Video. Most of the preview images on the tour look like they were taken by young couples but once inside you will find more variety in ages and scenes. There is still a major focus on the young couples inside though; I guess that's because a lot of the older crowd wants to keep their sex life a little more private!

After entering the member's area of Home Spy Video I found myself on some kind of landing page, which is confusing and just full of advertisements, and it took a while to find links to the actual content. There are only three links here to choose from: homemade, spy cams, and photos. Each title pretty much speaks for itself; the homemade section contains all of the amateur sex videos, spy cams is full of videos in which one or more of the people didn't know they were being filmed, and finally the photos section contains small picture sets which are submitted by other members. There is a surprisingly large amount of content across all of the categories... you will be surprised at how many couples want to share this stuff with the world.

Because the content here is all homemade there is no theme or category that all of the action falls under. As you know, everyone has a different idea of what turns them on so you will see all kinds of positions, locations, outfits, and sexual fetishes at Home Spy Video. That means you might not be interested in a lot of the content but luckily there is so much of it, and regular updates, that will make sure you never get through the whole archive. I would challenge you to view every video on here but I think it may be bad for your health to stay 'up' that long.

Another thing that varies a lot is the video quality; there is no real standard size or speed since the archive is put together from home movies. Obviously not too many people have professional lighting and cameras set up in their bedrooms either so the quality isn't always that great. But it's not about being professional when you're talking about a site called Home Spy Video so I can easily forgive the less than average quality. It adds to the whole amateur look and feel anyway.

The pictures available here at Home Spy Video are usually high quality digital stills taken with a decent camera, but like with the videos there is some variation in the quality. There are plenty of picture sets available, over 650 at the moment, but unfortunately most of them have less than ten pics each. I still think they're worth a link though even if you usually just look at videos because this is true amateur porn and sometimes pictures say it better.

This might be just what you're looking for if you want to see real couples in hardcore amateur sex tapes. I have yet to see any other site with as much content as you get from Home Spy Video. Of course the quality isn't always the greatest but that's what you get with amateur porn... so if you can handle that then go on in and enjoy.


$9.95 for 3 days (trial)
$29.95 for 1 month (recurring)
$56.95 for 3 months (one-time)

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  • by sheppard  -  Rating: 5/5

    this is some hot ass shit right here. watching real people fuck like crazed monkeys in the privacy of their own homes is off the fucking hook. you will not believe the amount of home videos this site has. It could take 6 months to watch it all. there is this chubby blonde teen looking girl getting her muffin licked by a dirty old bastard and I hve watched that one so many times my dick is sore.

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