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Infocus Girls Review


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From the makers of Sapphic Erotica comes InFocusGirls, which boasts of having "the prettiest girls DOING IT RIGHT." If your definition of "doing it right" involves beautiful slender girls aged eighteen to twenty-two enjoying speculums, anal beads and food, then you'll adore this site. InFocusGirls employs beauties from all over the world that "entice and delight you" and the site's makers encourages you to "zoom in as [the models] caress, masturbate, toy, pee, fist and spread themselves wide, inviting you with their lustful eyes to discover their bodies and participate in their real and intense orgasms." Sounds tasty, huh?

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InFocusGirls does it right by bringing its members the brightest and clearest photos and videos of girls "doing it right." Granted, you must be extremely patient to fully appreciate what InFocusGirls has to offer, but if you're willing to wait for these truly astounding movies and pictures to load, you will be rewarded tenfold for your time. And that's the bottom-line!


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User comments/reviews and ratings of Infocus Girls:

  • by Ram Rod  -  Rating: 4/5

    Not to be a smart ass here or nothing, but I just joined and I have found a couple of videos where some of the really juicy parts are completely out of focus for a few seconds. I mean come on, if your site is going to be called infocus then at least stay with the plan. Some parts of the site are pretty slow to load as well and I don't think it was my connection as other sites loaded just fine. Other than that I give the site a lot of positive praise with the amount of content and the action scenes are absolutely perfect.

  • by Mena  -  Rating: 4/5

    Oh, come on. This is from teh Sapphic crew. It's got to be good. I joined and my load time is good. I'm sure that focus problems happen all the time when filming action. I love everything that Sapphic has put out.

  • by Stephen  -  Rating: 4/5

    some of the girls on the site look really young and that is a big bonus for me. At first I thought it was just going to be another teen site with the same old shit as most of the other sites, but I took the free tour and the girls are into stuff like fisting and weird toys so I joined quickly. I am only a member for a couple of days and so far so good.

  • by Charlie105  -  Rating: 4/5

    In Focus Girls has really amazing young beauties in it. Stunning young ladies who can masturbate in more ways than anyone has ever thought of before. They use dildos, sybians, and all sorts of other things which are all great fun to watch. Hot girls and good quality content makes Charlie a very happy boy. Thanks

  • by TeenLover  -  Rating: 4/5

    This site has gorgeous young ladies who always seem to go to any extent to masturbate for us and make us do the same while we watch them. Like the reviewer says, if I am looking for a redhead taking a pee outdoors I can probably find it in here. And of course there is much, much, much more. This is the kind of site that can make a horny man beat the skin right off of his dick.

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