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Male Celebrities Review

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Review (Updated by Alex)

Looking for celebrity news, juicy gossip and naked pics of your favorite male stars? Look no further than Male Celebrities, where you can read the latest Hollywood headlines and get a peek at your favorite stars in the buff. Male Celebrities, which has been online since 1995, possesses one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of famous male nudity in the world - this site is constantly updated with breaking news, candid photos and stills from movies. But is it really as great as it sounds? Let's find out, gang.

The members area of Male Celebrities looks like a total clusterfuck at first glance thanks to all the text, links and content on the site, but it is actually rather easy to navigate once you've gotten your bearings. The members area of Male Celebrities contains movie reviews, entertainment news and links to stories about infamous celebrity scandals, the top ten celebrities on the site and "Stripped & Famous," which highlights some of the most popular Hollywood hunks on Male Celebrities. The famous men on Male Celebrities are divided up into various categories to aid members in finding what they want; these categories include athletes, models, singers, soap opera stars, flicks (movie stars), television (TV stars) and quickies. Each famous guy has his own profile page that contains a brief bio and links to his nude, semi-nude and non-nude images as well as any videos that may be available for download.

Members can search through the site's vast archive of stars by first name, last name and movie titles. Some of the male celebrities you'll find on Male Celebrities include O.J. Simpson, Ed Harris and Almudena Fernandez, who's actually a woman (two out of three ain't bad, Male Celebrities!). It's debatable whether or not anyone in his or her right mind would ever want to see the surprisingly buff "funnyman" Carrot Top with his shirt off, but there are shirtless pics of the man, nay, the legend on Male Celebrities nonetheless.

The full-size photos on the site vary in quality and size - some are quite large and impressive while others are tiny and grainy; the quality of the individual shots depends on the quality of the sites that Male Celebrities originally got 'em from. The video clips also vary in quality and are available for download in two formats: Windows Media, which has a screen size of three hundred and twenty by two hundred and forty, and MPEG, which has a screen size of 360x240. The sex tapes come in at an average of 480x320, although this varies from tape to tape.

There is also a XXX section on Male Celebrities that contains no celebrities in it but does include hundreds of pictures, fifteen bonus military videos and three video feeds. Members of Male Celebrities also get access to four additional non-celebrity sites:,, and Alright, so the bonus hardcore material isn't that hot - they can't all be blockbusters, you know.

Male Celebrities is a well organized site once you get used to their layout, and there are plenty of photos to keep you covered. The video quantity is a bit underwhelming compared to some of the great photos they have, but overall this is a good male celeb site with a decent amount of extras.


$2.95 for 3 days (trial)
$29.95 for 1 month (recurring)

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Male Celebrities:

  • by Millie  -  Rating: 3/5

    I continued on down the list of sites that were listed for celebrity guys and found that this one looks equally intriguing as Male Stars. I see that they have advertised that they have a few of the same people and I'll tell you exactly why. It's run by the same company as Male Stars. I'm not going to pay to join this site because I'm not spending money for the same thing twice. I would be interested if they had totally different content but it's not worth it to me to drop the money just for a peek to find out. I've looked around the internet to see if I can find any information about the member's area but so far no luck. I would like to know if PC noticed that it was the same as Male Stars or if it in fact has some different material and how much is different and how much is alike.

  • by Carmen  -  Rating: 3/5

    Don't trip out because I am a member of both sites and can tell you that they in fact have separate content. You have to realize that there is not a lot of actual male celebrity content and probably most of the sites will have some of the same stuff. I will say that this is not my most favorite male celebrity site, but I do enjoy it quite a bit.

  • by Millie  -  Rating: 4/5

    OK, I went ahead and joined after what Carmen said about different content and I really am enjoying what I see. Who knew that Brad Pitt was so how damn sexy without clothes on and I'm a little more than surprised to see how many popular stars have been caught without their clothes on.

  • by sucker  -  Rating: 3/5

    i wanna see their dicks

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