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Discount Review (Updated by Ashley)

Mr. Skin is the world's leading expert on female nudity in film and is a goddamned legend in the online porn industry, thus no introduction is necessary but I will go on anyway. This guy has parlayed his childhood obsession with taping and cataloging nudity in movies into an empire of filth. He estimates that he's viewed over twenty thousand movies, although he has no idea what any of them were about because he was too busy fast-forwarding to the good parts (i.e., the bits with the naked chicks). So if you want to see nude celebrities but don't want to watch the whole movie for it, check out this site.

Have you ever wondered how many times Nicole Kidman has shown off her tits in the movies? Or which movie that was where you saw your favorite actress give the world a sneak peak of her bush? Well, wonder no longer because Mr. Skin and his dedicated team of experts can tell you. And not only that, they will show you, with the aid of video clips and/or still frames from each and every nude scene that you're looking for. In short, our hero has created a giant website that rates and reviews virtually every mainstream film available (both domestic and skinternational films) for... um... artistic merit (i.e., nudity content). This wealth of skinformation is supported, of course, by a ridiculously huge (and constantly growing) collection of pictures and video clips.

However, once you get your bearings you'll find that it's not too difficult to get around, and you can always try the search function. There is also a great roll-over feature that allows you to see what the pictures or video clips look like, without downloading them, just by rolling your mouse over the preview images' icons. Members can search for their favorite celebs, of which there are over fifteen thousand, by name or by title (there are over twenty thousand movie titles and over five thousand TV shows). Within the movie and TV categories you can narrow your search by type of nudity, including public, cheerleaders, massage scenes, etc. Members can also search actresses by body characteristics like hair color, breast size, skin color and body type.

Mr. Skin offers more than just screen captures and clips taken from mainstream movies - not only do you get pictures and video clips, but you also get a biography of the actress and a short synopsis of each film that the actress disrobes in. Also, each video clip comes with a little time code telling you at what point the nudity occurs in the movie and for how long it lasts. There is also a "Skin Rating," which tells you how much actual nudity can be found in a given movie.

Other features include celebrity news, interviews with minor celebrities, information about nudity in films that are currently in the theaters and rundowns on the newest DVDs containing nudity. There is also a weekly broadcast about what's new in the world of celebrity nudity. Members can chat on the site's message boards and ask Mr. Skin questions about movies and naked actresses. All of this text is actually very well-written and entertaining to boot - you'll spend just as much time reading the text on Mr. Skin as you will beating off to the pictures.

This is celebrity news gone wild, not the censored side of Hollywood that you see most of the time. You will never have to search again to find all of your favorite actresses in nude scenes all at one place. Mr. Skin is the only real choice if you want a full list of nude celebrities from mainstream films and TV, so if this is you're thing then you can't get there quick enough, stop reading now and go take a look!

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Mr Skin:

  • by Gina  -  Rating: 3/5

    I just don't get the format of this site and what it is suppose to be. I looked through everything they offered on the site and let me tell you that was a chore within itself, as they have more stuff than I have ever seen on any other site, but it looks like you get access to all the nude scenes that celebrities have done in regular mainstream films. Couldn't I just go and rent the movie to see that stuff if I wanted to instead of paying a site for that type of content?

  • by Terron  -  Rating: 4/5

    Yes you could go rent the movies to see all the same stuff you get at Mr. Skin, but why would you pay a couple of dollars for each movie when you can get them all for a pretty decent price and you can skip to all of the good stuff? They also have a ton of pictures and other stuff that you can't get by just going down and renting the movie. If you are a true fan of celebrity material then you should check out this site as it is not just a movie site.

  • by HenryHammond  -  Rating: 4/5

    Mr. Skin has one of the biggest archives of celebrity skin that can be found on the web. Just about anybody who is anybody is in here and if they are not, they will be sooner or later. I like this site because it's fun to see which celebrities I will find each time I log in.

  • by Tannenbaum  -  Rating: 3/5

    I am not a big fan of celebrity skin myself. I would rather be looking at hardcore porn that is shot in bright light where I can see everything while I'm jerking off to it. But for anybody who is into this kind of thing, this site has it all and that's for sure.

  • by narmis  -  Rating: 3/5

    im hanging !

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