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Open Air Pleasures is where "topnotch babes" go outside to get off. These ladies must be turned on by fresh air, sunshine and shrubbery cos they love to touch themselves in the woods and by the lake. But can you really blame 'em for wanting to get back to nature whilst diddling themselves? I mean, being inside can be so claustrophobic! You really ought to take your laptop outside to beat off to this site... May I suggest the park? It's the perfect place to masturbate! Trust me on this one, guys!

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  • by windowz  -  Rating: 3/5

    I don't quite understand this site. I thought it was a voyeur site but after I joined it is just a bunch of women masturbating outside of the house and that is it. The woman are very good looking and I like watching woman masturbate but I was hoping for more of a voyeur site.

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