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Discount Review

When one thinks of booty, one generally thinks of sexy ebony babes, especially if said booty is referred to as "phat." Well, Phat White Booty extols the virtues of "every black man's dream: big thick booty white women." These pale-faces possess "real ghetto booties" not "ironing board backsides" and all this "onion booty" can allegedly hold its own with the "the sistas" any day. Lovers of ass and interracial fucking will be right at home at Phat White Booty, where "big round white booty" gets slammed by "ginormous" black cocks.

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The makers of Phat White Booty take two common niches (interracial and big ass), throws 'em in a blender, hits "puree" and pour the results all over this fine website. Admittedly, the photo selection sucks (phat white) ass, but the videos are pretty good, thus "it's all good," as black people used to say before you and I was born. Chances are pretty good that if you like interracial action, you'll probably like Phat White Booty.


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User comments/reviews and ratings of Phat White Booty:

  • by ms13  -  Rating: 5/5

    this web site is the bomb it has all that i need

  • by Bear  -  Rating: 4/5

    Very cool that there is a website that has all of the big butts that I want and that they all happen to belong to white chicks. I'm not racist but it's rare to find a white girl with a big beautiful booty and it's cool that they have done that. I'm also intrigued that there are so many bonus sites and video feeds that are available. I've just joined so I have a lot of exploring to do and even more downloading to do before I form my final judgment but the initial perusal looks promising.

  • by KennethZ  -  Rating: 4/5

    Thsi site is full of hot white chicks with big phat asses that I'd love to ride on. And that alone makes it a pretty good site but you take that and add it with a super amount of bonus content and that makes this site a good deal, and I'm glad I joined.

  • by ilike  -  Rating: 5/5

    The best porn site by far ! Big booty on white women!!!

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