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Public Flash Review

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Review (Reviewed by Joseph)

Welcome to Public Flash, a site that documents "nudity where it's not allowed." The ladies of Public Flash show off their goods in a number of different environments where nudity is disallowed, including cemeteries, churches, parks, playgrounds, malls and gas stations. These fearless young females must think every day is Mardi Gras! Aw, hell, who cares what they think?! Let's just be glad they're getting naked in the most public of places! And let us praise Public Flash for getting it all on tape!

Public Flash is a cinch to navigate as all of the content on the site is divided up into five different sections: movies, flashers, pictures, video on demand (which takes members to another site) and support - each section can be easily accessed from a navigation bar at the top of each page. I honestly do not know how often Public Flash is updated as the video section is the only area of the site that contains material that is date stamped (for what it's worth, the video section appears to be updated every few days).

There are twenty-one different flashers exposing themselves in forty-one average-resolution galleries, which contain twenty to one hundred shots, on Public Flash. Actually, there may be more flashers and photo galleries on Public Flash, but I was unable to count 'em all up thanks to the confusing manner in which updates are added to the site. You see, the webmasters of Public Flash often add updates to the movie and picture sections of the site but neglect to add updates to the flashers section. Ah, well, no harm, no foul.

The photos on Public Flash aren't blurry or dark voyeuristic shots; instead, they are well lit photos of attractive young women flashing in broad daylight. These brave flashers hike up their skirts to display their clams and pull up their tops to reveal their braless breasts; heck, some of these brazen hussies strip right down to their birthday suits in public places! Yowza! The photos on Public Flash are a mixed bag - some of these pics look absolutely amazing while others look like shitty screen caps. Most of the shots, though, are relatively big and clear.

The video section of Public Flash has movies broken down into WMV clips. Unlike the Public Flash galleries, the videos are taken on the sly at nude resorts or topless beaches. However, there are numerous knowing exhibitionists in these clips as well. The videos average about twenty minutes in length, look great and contain no DRM, so members can do whatever the hell they want with 'em.

Members of Public Flash get access to seventy-eight bonus sites and video feeds with their membership. Most of these additional sites deal with voyeurism and exhibitionism in some way, so fans of public nudity will have plenty to ogle should they decide to join Public Flash, something I highly recommend they do.

Public Flash is not only titillating as fuck, it's also entertaining as hell. These amateurs remove their clothes in public and risk jail time to provide Public Flash's members with a cheap thrill - the least you can do is join this site and support their noble cause. Party naked, bro!


$24.98 for 1 month (recurring)
$59.94 for 3 months (recurring)

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Public Flash:

  • by Loren  -  Rating: 3/5

    I was pretty jazzed when I found this site. I am a huge fan of public nudity/public flashing and not such a huge fan of sex. I think it's a big turn on to see some chick flash a small part of her body and leave some up to the imagination. I joined this site as soon as I found it because I felt that the price was amazing and I was hoping that I would see really good flashing. I ended up with mixed feelings about the site. The type of content was exactly what I expected which was good but there were some things I was concerned about. I'm not sure how often updates are done because there is no schedule listed and the woman that shoots the content talks to the model throughout the whole shoot. She has character but it gets annoying sometimes. There are a lot of bonus sites included but they are what I call fluff and stuff that is just used to make you feel like you're getting a lot. Most of it's older stuff that you see everywhere. I've only been a member for a few weeks and I want to see if there are any updates before I decide whether I'm going to remain a member.

  • by CalvinTaneaka  -  Rating: 3/5

    I have mixed feelings about Public Flash too. I got sold on it thinking that it would be a lot of fun to watch these babes tits ass and pussy out in public but when I got into the members area it got a little boring very quickly. A lot of the content is repetitive. Same girls, same type of situations and then there is another problem with the content. I want more of it! But, all is not lost. The site will appeal to a lot of folks and at this price it's a pretty good deal even with its faults.

  • by I love cocks  -  Rating: 4/5

    I love getting naked in public places and showing off my cock to all the guys .
    Sometimes im not the only one with my cock out I love it public nudity rocks

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