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Discount Review (Updated by Tiffany)

Sapphic Erotica is one of the largest, hottest and orgasmic Lesbian sites on the Internet. The only thing better than reviewing Sapphic Erotica would be if I had a girl's tongue between my legs, tickling my clit and making me scream in ecstasy. The amateur Lesbian and Bi models inside Sapphic Erotica are from around the world and love to make each other cum. I sure wanted to cum after watching them get naughty and explore each others bodies with their tongues, fingers and toys leaving no hole untouched in solo, girl/girl scenes and orgies. Regardless if you are male or female, if you like pussy, you will be in heaven. Look no further.

Once inside the Members area, I visited the Model Index, which is tremendous, user friendly and very well organized so members can easily find their favorite models. There are over 761 amateur models with several photo sets each. The models include Blondes, Brunettes, Red Heads, Asians, Latinas and Ebony babes that are so damn sexy I couldn't help but slip my hand between my legs. I can only fantasize that I had all of them ripping my panties off, spreading my legs apart and sucking on my pussy, licking my asshole and pounding me with toys while sitting on my face so I could return the favor and taste their sweet juice while they were playing with me.

I was instantly wet watching the stills of Amber and Jo Lee softly kissing each other, slowly peeling each others panties off, touching and sucking each others breasts, spreading their legs wide open and going down on each other. I felt like I was there with them.

The next area I checked out was the Movie Index. There are a variety of "scenarios" including cheerleaders, schoolgirl, office, beach, poolside and several others. Members will find beautiful young women with hot bodies engaging in everything from passionate kissing, undressing each other, fondling their breasts, licking and finger fucking each others glistening pussies to tongue tickling ass play, anal fingering, play time with sex toys, strap-on action, group sex featuring women in a tangled mesh of naked bodies; licking, sucking and fucking each other, mind blowing orgasms and more intense action.

I found everything from the erotic still photos and spread eagle close-ups of the wet pussies and swollen clits to the sensual moans the girls make as they are being ravaged between their legs extremely sexually arousing. Sapphic Erotica updates regularly and gives members a tease by providing a "Future Updates" section featuring thumbs of what to expect up to two weeks in advance.

Members are granted unlimited access to over 124,573 photos (81,493 + which are exclusive and original) available in high resolution and downloadable in zip format. There are over 611 streaming and downloadable movies averaging 22 minutes in length and available in MPEG (.mpg), QUICKTIME (.mov) and WINDOWS (.wmv) formats and are not subject to DRM (Download Restrictions). The site also caters to dial up users by offering smaller movie clips averaging 4 minutes in length. Surfing the site and downloads are quick regardless of the connection speed, based upon my experience testing both.

The audio and visual quality is as impressive as the explicit content. Navigation is an ease and Sapphic Erotica delivers what they promise.

Sapphic Erotica is simply one of the best lesbian sites out there. The sex is great, the girls have real chemistry together, and the collection is absolutely massive. You'd be doing yourself a disservice if you are into lesbians licking, teasing, and fucking each other and you don't get yourself a membership to this site.

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Sapphic Erotica:

  • by anainmous  -  Rating: 5/5

    the pics r awesome!!!!

  • by Tonya  -  Rating: 4/5

    If you are a girl like me and you appreciate the softer seductive side of two women making love with just a little bit of hardcore fucking thrown in then you will like this site as much as I did, in fact I am a 2 month member and couldn't be happier with the site.

  • by Hmm..  -  Rating: 5/5

    Wow i cummed all over the screen with these

  • by anana-moose  -  Rating: 5/5

    moo!... dirty skets...

  • by Assgirl  -  Rating: 4/5

    For someone like me who's wet dreams are mostly about eating the pussy of a sweet young girl then Sapphic Erotica is the place to be. Every type of hot lesbian sex that I can imagine is in this site and the pussy licking contest never stops. I love eating pussy more than anything in the world and while I am watching the videos on this site I can almost taste it. At least I can taste mine while I masturbate to it.

  • by john  -  Rating: 4/5

    hmm very juicy

  • by Lizzy  -  Rating: 5/5

    I love this site! If you like lesbians, look no further! I just realized I was bi, and this site gave me some good moves to work on the girls! Males and females will love it! I had one of my girlfriends come over and we looked at this site and then had sex! This is a great site!

  • by wan  -  Rating: 5/5


  • by ENR  -  Rating: 5/5

    best shit ever! If u dont like it then your gay

  • by inno  -  Rating: 5/5

    gosh am soo wet i cant believe thats the only thing that turns me on for sure i liked it soooooo much!!!

  • by sara  -  Rating: 5/5

    this stuff is yummy!!
    it got my pussy soo wet
    im fingering myself an moaning like crazyyy
    i need someone to eat my SOAKED pussy ;))

  • by Jessirox1234598765  -  Rating: 5/5

    I found this site and i fell in love with it! I love watching the videos while i masturbate. It feels so good when i do that. I also love having threesomes with my friend shannon and my boyfriend mike.

  • by Natalie  -  Rating: 5/5

    I love SE because the girls are beautiful, and the quality of the pics and videos are amazing. My husband doesnt know I am bi, so I sneek onto the site and masturbate to get my fix. I can't find any other site that makes my cunt so wet. And every set makes me wish I was there, eating their pretty pink pussies as I get mine sucked on too. My twat is dripping right now from just thinking about it!

  • by kristi  -  Rating: 5/5

    Mmm my pussy is sooo wet =) I love watching these videos while I rub my clit and finger my warm, tight, dripping wet pussy. I'm so turned on right now!! All I wanna do is eat pussy. I love to barry my face between a girls legs and nibble on her clit then suck on her tits. Well now that I got myself all hot and bothered I gotta go!

  • by Tommy  -  Rating: 3/5

    I love to watch this. The ideas are always quite beautiful, the girls even more so. But why has the performance always got to look so staged and unnatural?

  • by wow  -  Rating: 5/5

    hahah i bet all of you are greasy fuc*ing nerds!

  • by dildobagins24496  -  Rating: 5/5

    I am a bisexual female, and i love this site the most of any porn site i have been on it makes my pussy so wet and it makes me just wanna eat a juicy clit

  • by Sperminator  -  Rating: 3/5

    2 pricy, not gud value 4 money, bt da porn is gd tbh. wank every mornin nd every nyt cz it dat gud, stil 2 expensive tho.

  • by Sandy  -  Rating: 4/5

    sexy yummy mmmmmmm

    my pussy get its honey ;)

  • by Matt  -  Rating: 5/5

    Love the high def videos and images.. Almost makes you feel like your fliming it.

  • by wayne thompson  -  Rating: 4/5

    I like it very much good pics

  • by a girl  -  Rating: 5/5

    Ill eat your soaked pussy ;) mmmm

  • by sammy  -  Rating: 5/5

    awww...i fingered myself till i cummed all over my bed sheet and just licked it all up,imagining its a pussy i'm licking!

  • by tas  -  Rating: 5/5

    im cumming all ova my girlfriend whilst watching this! she liks my pussy till i hav an orgasm. thats when we finga and use the dildo. wet wet wet...thnx!

  • by Cryssi  -  Rating: 5/5

    This is by far the best lesbian site I have ever found. I get so wet just thinking about these girls, and all I can think about is how I wish I was there with them to suck on their beautiful tits and their gorgeous pussies! Nothing else gets me so wet when I get myself off, and I can never wait until the next time I can masturbate to these beautiful sexy women!

    P.S. - Mmmm, I would love to eat your soaking wet pussy, Sara ;)

  • by elaine  -  Rating: 5/5

    I found out I was bi not so long ago...I just love looking at the girls..I haven't told my bf yet but this site makes it better

  • by sam  -  Rating: 5/5

    im a straigh guy that loves watching girls eat each other out. it gets me so horny to go and eat pussy

  • by Goodfucker  -  Rating: 5/5

    This site looks awsome and so fucking sexy, reading these comments my tight pussy is get so fucking wet. Oh it just makes me want to have some one suck on my tits and suck on my clit and it makes me wanna just get my pussy fucked with fingers and a dildo, gosh i just wanna eat a pussy so fucking much right now. I masturbated this morning to this, it felt so fucking good. Well I'm off to do it again. Fuck yeah. :)

  • by pussylicker  -  Rating: 5/5

    mmmm baby girl i'll eat your soaked pussy..and you can eat mine :)

  • by Tanisha  -  Rating: 5/5

    Fuck That's Hot. I So Wanna Get My Pussy Eaten Out By Any Hot Lesbian, Turned Me On So Much, I Need My Pussy Cleaned Out!

  • by pussy lover  -  Rating: 5/5

    Yummy i just fingered my self and came all over my sheets

  • by Teaser  -  Rating: 4/5

    These pictures and videos made me rub my pussy until I screamed. I wish I could have my pussy pressed up agaisnt one of these hot girls faces as they lay on thier back. Until they make me wet. I love getting my clit licked and have my cum run all down a girls face.

  • by fuckalicious  -  Rating: 5/5

    im so horny after entering this site. i just want i beautifull young lady to let her toungue slowly explore me and tickle my dripping cilt

  • by Jennifer  -  Rating: 4/5

    This website is so hot. My pussy is tickling so much. I just want some hot lesbian to suck on my pussy so hard. So badly. I masturbate everyday and it keeps getting better. I just want to stuff my face on some hot girls clit so badly in orgasmic pleasure.

  • by bi-sexual virgin  -  Rating: 4/5

    Omg reading these comments alone is getting me so fucking horny. I'm pretty sure I'm bi lol just cuz I love masturbating to lesbian porn but I'm also married. I've never been with a girl but I want to soo bad. Just the idea of a girl fingering my pussy while I suck on her tits gets me wet. I'm really looking forward to checking out this site daily and finding a girl to enjoy it with ;)

  • by porn  -  Rating: 5/5

    im so horny and wet i love this site...

  • by iwantitnow  -  Rating: 5/5

    i wanna have an all girl orgy right now. who's in?

  • by unholy  -  Rating: 5/5

    this site is unholy

  • by allison lesbo  -  Rating: 5/5

    fuck thats hot!!!! readin all dis stuff mekes me cumm!! even my boyfriend doesnt turn me on the way my sister does. We both lick each others cunts and breasts and i love pushing my finger into her tight little clit. We both love each others pussies..yum! this site rocks!

  • by badgirl  -  Rating: 5/5

    I love this site! I found out a couple of yrs ago that I was bisexual. I have a bf n he doesn't know, nobody does & I've never been with a woman b4 but would LOVE to! I think I would be a great pussy licker! Im so wet rite now I just love watching these girls lick each other's pussy : ) I NEED SUM1 TO EXPERIENCE THIS WITH

  • by oohfkmehrd  -  Rating: 5/5

    my pussy is so wet i want my gf to cum home and suck my clit so good and lick my cunt till i cum so fucking hardddd!!!!!!!!!!

  • by lezsex  -  Rating: 5/5

    omg im fucking cummin all over my gf and she is eating my pussy and were screaming and moaning and it feela so damn good and i just had an orgasim and now we need another female to get it on with so we can have threesome xoxo-sucker,licker,andpussyeater

  • by the person in your pants  -  Rating: 5/5

    nice... sometimes it's better to get off on people's comments too lol
    but se is amazing. i always get off on these girls. everytime i see them, i ''magically'' slip my hand in my panties and start playing. it's amazing (:

  • by bi  -  Rating: 5/5

    oh this site makes me wet. just reading all these comments are making my panties wet i just came all over my chair my gf is cleaning out my pussy anyone who needs a good pussy licken can cum to me

  • by pussylicker  -  Rating: 5/5

    omg this is so great please say nor!!!!!!

  • by cindy singh  -  Rating: 5/5

    intresting to look at and feel good

  • by wet and ready  -  Rating: 5/5

    i love this site!!! ^'m so wet right for a good pussy licking! i haven't had my first woman yet but I can't wait for my first tasting... With hubby's permission!!

  • by Clitfuck  -  Rating: 5/5

    Save some pussy for me!!!

  • by curiouslicker  -  Rating: 5/5

    wow! these comments are GRRREAT! i agree with all of the above! ;) reading these makes me sooo wet! i honestly have never been with a woman before, and i do have a boyfriend...but i definitely think im bi! everytime i see lesbians or watch lesbian videos, i get excited and wish i was there! i would love to experience a female sitting on my face, and me returning the favor! ;) im pretty sure i can make a girl ScReAM! ;) mmmmmmhhmmm!

  • by lick it hard  -  Rating: 5/5

    I would to suck on a girl pussy till she cums in my mouth...i jes got finish cums to comments im so fucking wet

  • by wetpussy  -  Rating: 5/5

    fuck i love this site im so wet!!
    Im rubbing my tight dripping pussy right now!!

  • by Karine  -  Rating: 4/5

    I love this site........

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