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Security Cam Sex Review


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Have you ever reached over and squeezed your girlfriend's ass or grabbed her tit when you thought nobody was looking? How about getting so turned on that you have to go somewhere you think is private and masturbate? Well, what you and the people featured on Security Cam Sex didn't know is that the camera is always rolling. You may be out of sight but chances are that some perverted security guard or manager is watching the security monitor as you have sex or masturbate somewhere that you thought you were alone.

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If you don't mind a bit of work this site has a huge amount of content. I wasn't crazy about the layout and the way that things are organized but that's my personal taste. I like things very concise. I think that anyone interested in the voyeur niche will like this site because it definitely looks like this comes from the every day amateur that just happens to get caught on tape having a good time.


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User comments/reviews and ratings of Security Cam Sex:

  • by Pornscanner  -  Rating: 2/5

    Don't waste your time with the full month membership cause they don't have much content inside. I am a freaky ass voyeur so I wanted to try this site out and did so with the 3 day trial and was able to see just about everything they had the first night I joined the site. I can not really complain about the quality of the content as it is footage from security cams and tiny pin hole spy cameras, but I will say that the content they do have is pretty fucking hot.

  • by Basjion  -  Rating: 4/5

    Dude just watch the content and fucking enjoy it already. The trial I believe is a limited access option, but if you do a monthly membership like the rest of us big boys you will get hammered with the amount of shit to see.

  • by Dieon S.  -  Rating: 3/5

    Is this stuff for real. I didn't know you could find porn like this. It is pretty cool to see people doing the stuff they don't want you to see. Will I get to see a bunch of videos if I join?

  • by snarky  -  Rating: 5/5

    Definitely one of the better hidden cam voyeur sites I have joined. I did the trial so I could test the site and then let it convert to a full membership and I am very pleased so far with being a member. The quality is what you would expect with a genuine hidden cam site and there is more than enough content to contend with any other site. Someone did an excellent job with this site and it should get a little more praise.

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