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Discount Review (Updated by Jan)

Finally, there is a website that caters to women and their desires. Sssh has created the perfect place to find information about love, sex and relationships as well as being able to watch sensual and erotic movies, read erotic fiction and even see some photos of some amazingly hot guys. This is the kind of website that you want to explore without any panties on and a cold glass of wine next to the keyboard.

The one thing that I don't want to do with this review is confuse you. There is so much material in the member's area that it can't possibly all be covered so I will vaguely touch on some of it and allow you to discover the rest of the stuff yourself.

There are of course movies and photos. The photo section is kind of lean. Now, when I say lean it may be kind of confusing. The largest categories are the couples and bi-sexual sections. There is also a fetish and masturbation section of photos. Each collection has different sizes and quantities of photos but they are all pretty good quality.

The video section is what most people are typically interested in. The movies are in the same categories as the photos but there aren't too terribly many of them. The videos appear to be leased from other websites or companies and the quality varies greatly. There is also the ability to watch some full-length DVD titles through the AEBN network, which is a video on demand company.

I think that the real treasure of Sssh is that it contains so much advice, information and entertainment as a package. As a woman, I don't always just want to see what's happening. I enjoy imagining it as well and that's where the real genius of Sssh is. They provide stories, columns, articles, letters and advice to all of their members. It's a unique setup that isn't found on most websites.

You will even find a game room, celebrities in the buff and shopping. Every woman loves to shop and this site gives you an outlet to play with all of those toys that you find and buy. It's even a great site to share with your partner and get them involved in your online experience or maybe to find yourself a new partner through the personals section.

The review is brief but the benefits of joining a site like Sssh are great. You will feel like you're becoming a member of the family and will soon find yourself relying on this site for everything you need to know about love and lust. The price is phenomenal and it's the kind of site that you will come to daily and spend hours exploring everything that's there.

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  • by Kayla  -  Rating: 3/5

    Thank god finally someone has built a site dedicated to us women. I surfed through the site to see what it offered and realize it is setup sort of like a magazine, which definitely works for us women. However, It is still a porn site and I am curious as to what type of content does it feature? Is it softcore, erotica or is there any hardcore available. I know some women prefer the softcore and sensual type of porn, but there are those of us out there that would still prefer to have a little hardcore thrown in the mix.

  • by sexymama  -  Rating: 5/5

    I joined Sssh and loved it. It has everything. From softcore and hardcore photos and movies, articles, novels and tons of other stuff. The thing I liked the best was that all the movies and photos had a romantic and sensual twist to it them I haven't found anywhere else. The site is also nicely presented.

  • by PostalBitch  -  Rating: 3/5

    Sssh is a good idea and a very needed site for women such as myself, but it just does not live up to the standards that a lot of the hardcore sites meet. I am a but angry at this because is seems like the people that make these sites try to please men more then women and that is a fucking mistake. We control the money out here guys and don't you ever forget it. While this site has some redeeming factors and is initially a fun site to join, it is not one that can keep my attention that long so I am goint on keep on looking for that ultimate site built for women.

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