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Discount Review (Updated by David)

It's immediately apparent when you log in to Swallow Squirt that this is not going to be your ordinary porn site. There is more porn to enjoy than you could ever hope to get through in 6 months. You also are immediately given the number of videos and photos sets that you have access to at the very top of the page. My advice would be to sit back, grab the tissue and get ready for a wet and messy romp through the beautiful cyber world of female ejaculation.

The most remarkable thing about Swallow Squirt is that the women on the site are ejaculating harder and further than most men do. This is an amazing feat and if you've ever had a conversation with a woman or watched her orgasm you will know that the vast majority of women can't possibly shoot a hot stream of cum from their pussies. However, Swallow Squirt has managed to find gorgeous women who can do just that and they have captured it all on film.

The first thing that I notice when I log in to the member's area is that this is actually a hub of porn sites. By this I mean that there is an entire network within the one member's area and all you have to do is decide what you're in the mood for. Often when you encounter a hub you will find that it is difficult to find the content that you originally subscribed to. But, the Swallow Squirt link is right at the top in big bold letters just waiting for you to "cum" see what it's all about.

Initially I didn't think that there would be a lot to see in the actual Swallow Squirt member's area. But, there was actually more than I thought. You will find the squirting content under the "Videos" section with over 34 videos currently available. But, you also will find video screen capture photo sets to accompany each of the videos. So, although you're only getting 34+ videos, there is additional squirting content to keep you busy. You also will find many choices for enjoying the video. You can download the multiple video scenes in WMV or MPG formats and the full-length DVD in WMV format. There is no option to stream the videos so you must download them but at least you will have them for viewing any time you please. You also can download the photoset in a zip file directly to your computer and amass a nice large collection of uncensored photos.

I watched several variations of the same video in multiple formats and speeds. The high speed videos definitely take longer to download and in my case took approximately twice as long. But, you will definitely be much happier with the quality. The low speed video is average at best but the high speed video is excellent quality and is easily comparable to watching a television screen. I even made the video full screen and did not lose any quality in the picture.

Last, but definitely not least I must at least mention the monster amount of bonus sites that you have access to when you're a member. There are a total of 41 sites in the Pornstar Network. According to the tally at the top of the page there are 4066 videos and 604 photo sets. You aren't confined to any one niche either because just about anything you would want to experience is going to be found on this network. Daily updates are done which guarantees you that there will never be a shortage of fresh, hardcore porn to keep you hard.

For lovers of the squirting niche, Swallow Squirt does an adequate job of delivering some hot porn straight your your computer. The videos are great and are fun to watch. But the lack of squirting content is keeping this site from being truly spectacular. As more updates are done, I predict that this site will eventually outshine any other squirting site out there. But, though it's a decent site, it's not quite there.

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Swallow Squirt:

  • by Rico  -  Rating: 4/5

    Finally a site that gives me full-length so that I don't have to waste time trying to assemble them with my software. I've always been fascinated by squirting since I had a chick do it while I was in college. I thought she had pissed on me but she explained it all and I've been hooked every since.

    I've joined all the sites and I really like this one because it's a little unique with the chicks squirting so hard that other chicks are drinking it like some squirted them with a hose.

  • by J.K.Proteem  -  Rating: 4/5

    Just like RIco I had a girl do this to me once when I was licking her pussy and to be honest I thought she pissed on me but I didn't say anything and I didn't stop. I kept licking that thing and then I fucked her. Then later she told me it was cum and not piss. And I didn;t really believe her until I saw all this squirting stuff start to pop up all over the web, but by then I had broken up with the girl. Now I wish I could find her just so I could see her do that again. I like this squirting business a great deal. There's not really enough of it in this site but none of the squirting sites seem to have a huge archive of squirting material, at least not yet. At least with these guys I got access to over 40 adult sites in the Pornstar Network and all together that is more content that I'll ever need.

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