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Discount Review (Updated by Mike)

If you're like most people, your first sexual experience with a member of the opposite sex probably consisted of awkward kissing and even more awkward mutual masturbation; in other words, most folks are initiated into the world of sex with a self-conscious handjob. Relive those first clumsy steps toward sexual awakening with Tug Jobs, a site that specializes in documenting handjobs that are much hotter than the first handjob you ever received from a willing partner. Tub Jobs shows striking women expertly milking cocks for money, a sight which is infinitely more beautiful than one hundred rainbows in the sky.

Tug Jobs, which is updated once a week, has been online for a couple of years now and is absolutely teeming with excellent content - currently, there are two hundred and forty handjobs to view on this truly awesome site. Each handjob on Tug Jobs is documented with a single video, a number of "high quality" pictures and a couple hundred screen captures from the video (please note that the earliest videos on Tug Jobs do not have screen captures). The screen captures actually look pretty decent and the pictures are in fact "high quality" as promised; hell, some of these photos are colossal! The photos focus less on the actual handjobs and more on the moments preceding and following them. As good as the pictures are, the movies are even better. Each movie can be downloaded or streamed as MPEG files or WMV files. The movies are offered as a whole and as smaller clips. The big clips are broken up into two or four three-minute scenes while the small clips are broken up into ten or more one-minute scenes. The small clips are your best bet as they load very quickly and are easier to search through. The videos look good no matter how you choose to view them - all the videos on Tug Jobs are clear and in focus. Honestly, the older videos aren't as good as the latest updates, but there are plenty of quality videos on the site to make up for the lackluster early clips. The videos are shot by the guy getting his dick tugged on, which gives members the feeling that they're right there getting a handjob from the model.

Each handjob is roughly the same. The girl enters the room, chats a bit with the guy she's about to jerk off, removes all of her clothing, greases up her hand and starts tugging (you can probably guess how each episode ends). Granted, this formula isn't the most exciting one in the world, but the girls are so good-looking that you won't even care that you've been watching the same thing over and over again.

The quality of the women on Tug Jobs is simply mind-boggling - each one is conventionally attractive, a rare feat for a porn site. Not only are all the models gorgeous, but there's also a really nice variety of women lending a hand on this site, including blondes, brunettes, Asians, African Americans, gals with big breasts, flat-chested women, etc. Sure, most of the babes are young, white and blonde, but there's enough variety to keep things interesting - if you can't find someone you're attracted to on Tug Jobs, then you're not looking hard enough.

As if those 320 handjobs weren't enough, members of Tug Jobs get access to fifteen additional sites in the Bangbros network, including Ass Parade and the world famous Bang Bus. Each site is just as good as Tug Jobs, thus insuring many quality hours of wholesome entertainment for you and your family. Booya!

Milking a man's cock has been around since the dawn of time, and Tugjobs has perfected the act and made it into an excellent website, packed with hot ass chicks who have no reservations about stroking pole for some dough. And while you are giving yourself a tugjob while watching these gorgeous ladies, you'll wish she was on your lap and not your computer screen.

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Tugjobs:

  • by Alex  -  Rating: 5/5

    The best part about this site is the hot ass girls they have and the entire site is completely full of them. They don't just put the pretty ones on the front page to entice you and then stick you with ugly bitches inside. I mean every single girl on this site rates an 8 or better on my list. Don't expect any fucking with this site because it is all about the hand jobs baby!

  • by FrankyFarmer  -  Rating: 4/5

    When I went into Tug Jons I found a lot to like. First of all there are lots and lots of good pics and videos of hot girls jerking guys off. And they are all done from P.O.V., meaning Point Of View, so that it feels that the girl is actually jerking you off while you watch it and for me that's what makes this site the most fun. The other good thing is that there is a huge amount of really good looking girls giving these Tug Jobs. The only negative about this site is that some of the older videos are not great quality but there are more than enough newer ones to make up for it.

  • by DavidooDan  -  Rating: 4/5

    Sexy babes jerking guys off is always fun. The truth is nobody can jerk you off better than yourself because you know from great experience what feels the best on your own dick. But watching a hot babe stroke your cock is always better just because it's a hot babe doing it. This site gives you tons of super hot babes, of all types, stroking hard cocks and looking at the camera as if it were your cock they were working on.

  • by BruceGreenwolf  -  Rating: 4/5

    Tug Jobs gets an "A" from me. I joined this site not realizing that it was Bang Bros site, had I known that I probably would have joined sooner. And once inside I just loved almost everything about it. The girls, awe man, the girls. They make my dick tingle just thinking about them. If I could I would have every one of these girls jerking me off and before it was over my dick would look like raw ground beef. And I wouldn't care. I would just be dreaming about watching these beauties as they stroked on my cock. Members get lots of bonus
    site too.

  • by Upanddown  -  Rating: 4/5

    Beautiful girls jerking off hard dicks and I love it. These girls do this POV style and that most of all is what makes this site so hot. It's great to jerk off watching these videos and pretending the girl I am looking at is really jerking me off. This site has been around for a couple of years with very regular updates so there is a whole lot of content here. Good show.

  • by Lewis  -  Rating: 4/5

    sexy chicks

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