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Discount Review (Updated by Rel)

Porn means many things to many different people. To some it's all about trashy women doing disgusting things. Twistys takes the higher road, one where beauty and sensuality are more important than shock value. The Babes on the Twistys website are true model quality talents who could just as easily be spokes-models or soap opera stars. Instead, they have been the cr�me de le cr�me of the billion dollar nude modeling business and now, thanks to this amazing website... they're all yours to enjoy!

This is not some new site launched a few weeks ago on a small budget. Twistys has been compiling their special collection of erotica pictures and videos for years. With an archive that now includes 1,800 models, 750,000 images and more than 15,000 exclusive videos it is safe to say that Twistys has spent millions of dollars amassing one of the largest and most impressive collections of top quality porn Babes anywhere ever!

Blondes, brunettes and redheads of every ethnicity and country of origin get the chance to strut there stuff in amazing locations, high-budget studio sets and very fancy settings all aimed at providing members with an unforgettable experience. The videos are available in 640x480 and with so many to choose one... this is a site you could join and stay a member of for years never having to watch the same girl twice - unless she earns your attention!

Gigantic pictorial sets with dozens of 1280x800 magazine quality photos are included along with every video update. The pictures may well be the best part of the site. Sure, the videos are amazing, but there is something often even more alluring about the moment captured on film by a trained professional photographer. These images are works of art, not just the kind of small, blurry afterthought still-frames that so many other sites try to get away with using.

Take the Twistys tour and you'll get an idea of the kind of quality and quantity that this flagship of the entire porn industry presents. If Babes are what get you excited then this site may well be impossible to beat. You won't find any grungy chicks doing filthy things on camera... it's sexy, beautiful women showing their bodies and baring their souls for you... which is much more erotic.

For a site to have as much quantity as most non-exclusive DVD sites and yet maintain a strict policy of only producing their own top shelf exclusive content in-house to keep their quality standards higher than everyone else's... well, that says a lot about the kind of site Twistys has been, is and always will be for porn fans everywhere. A truly international site featuring the best women from all over the world also has to be easy to join from anywhere as well. Twistys allows you to access the entire site for $24.95 per month or 3 months for just $59.95 total! You can even get the price down to $16.50 a month by signing up for a 6 month package. Unlike other sites, Twistys has more than enough exceptional smut to keep you busy for more than six months easily!

If catwalk quality models doing all kinds of sexy solo scenes is your desire, then Twistys is a thrill ride like no other you have ever been on before. Take the tour, see what all the excitement is about... and say hello to Susana... you'll be seeing her in your dreams every night for months as well!

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Twistys:

  • by Buddy  -  Rating: 5/5

    When I went into Twisty's I was in pussy heaven. There are so many gorgeous girls in this website that it would take weeks to see them all. Very large high quality pics and lots of really cool videos really make this site stand out. These guys claim that they have the best of the best and they really do. I'm joining. Period.

  • by Rodney  -  Rating: 5/5

    This site is the mega magazine of beautiful women and if you don't fall in love with at least woman from this site then there is something seriously wrong with you. I guarantee that you will leave the site a changed man as they have everything you could possibly imagine. It has a ton of softcore material, but just very little hardcore action and they make it damn easy to find just exactly what you are looking for with you being able to search by country, model name, body specifications and more. You could literally get lost in the site looking through everything that they offer.

  • by Steveo11  -  Rating: 5/5

    Twistys is da bomb. More pussy than you can shake a stick at. This is an amazing and ever growing collection of porn which will have any red blooded boy wearing holes in his dick from masturbating too much. Yes, it really is that good.

  • by Ishmael  -  Rating: 5/5

    I would have to say Twisty's is one of two companies that I would consider Gods of the babe niche. It is an equal race to the top of the ladder and Twistys may very well be THE top.

    I'm really not a huge fan of babes or pornstars or glamor type sites. But, I am a fan of the quality of a site regardless of the niche and Twistys has made me a fan of theirs. I would just like to see them branch out and apply their talent and dedication to a few other niches. They would be the mafia of porn if they did that.

    The Twistys crew has put together one of the best search engines I have ever seen on a porn site. I can probably even find a girl with a freckle that's 2 inches away from her left nipple if I wanted to. Seriously, their search is that good. The photo and video quality is extremely good too and probably some of the best I've seen.

    My only improvements that I would like to see: availability of the highest resolution photos for download in a zip and more continuity with the type of content available. I understand that some of the content may not be 100% exclusive from the porn stars (not sure if it is or is not) but I would like to see photos and videos of each and every girl there. The older stuff probably won't ever have both photos and videos but I would like to see all additions in the future have it.

  • by Marty  -  Rating: 4/5

    I don't think Twistys is as good as all of the ass kissers say. It's a good site but so are a couple of other babe sites and they actually might be better. I think that the quality of Twistys is a little less than a couple of years ago and that may be due to the lack of quality girls... I'm not sure. But, I can say without a doubt that Twistys is worth the money. They are good but I don't think they are godlike.

  • by Tran  -  Rating: 4/5

    My only problem was that my download speed was a little slow for Twistys. I'm not sure why but it is slower than a lot of other sites that I've been a member of. But, the content is so great I just spend more time on the computer to download because the content is definitely worth getting.

  • by DeMarco  -  Rating: 5/5

    Okay, let's set the record straight. Twisty's is a great site. Plain and simple. And I don't understand anybody who can say that they are not. They have the very best of super hot gorgeous women and lots and lots of very hot hardcore as well. And you can search for your favorite girls by name or even their tit size or hair color.
    The site is extremely simple to navigate and very user friendly and it does a good job at keeping it's memebers happy. Primarily this is considered a babes site but there is a ton of hardcore and I think it has been mislabled as a babes site. Hell it's got all a healthy horny all American boy like me ever needs. Thank you Shap!

  • by Truthsayer  -  Rating: 5/5

    There can only be one thing said about Twistys and that is that it's a great site. yes, a great site. I have been a member since it started a few years ago and it has only grown bigger and better. No where else on the web can I find hotter babes in hotter videos...or anywhere else for that matter.

    One thing that bother me is that everybody calls this a babe site and a glamour site and I don't get that at all. There's lots of fucking in Twisty. There are more hot videos of suckign and fucking than one man could ever jerk off too. And that's a fact. So don.t go thinking that if you join this site you will have to go elsewhere for your hardcore because is simply is not true. Everything my dick wants, is right here.

  • by robert  -  Rating: 5/5

    you have a nice pussy babe

  • by John  -  Rating: 4/5

    Still a good bargain, but loved it better when Shap owned it.

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