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Discount Review (Updated by Ashley)

Ultimate Surrender is a competitive sexual wrestling site. There aren't many websites on the around at the moment that are like this one so I wouldn't let this opportunity to see it pass you by. Featuring hot girls that wrestle and fuck, this is the epitome of originality in a paysite and all of the high quality pictures and videos are exclusive so you won't see this girl on girl action anywhere else.

Ultimate Surrender doesn't have the best design or navigation, but because the concept is so creative, it's still worth a look. When you first login, you'll find a menu at the top of the page. This menu can take you to the recent updates, info/stats, schedule, models, store, and forum. Below the menu on the main page is also a link to the rules and latest news.

Ultimate Surrender is a very realistic wrestling site. There are extensive rules about how the girls must perform and an elaborate scoring system as well. There are three weight classes, a well planned out match overview with extremely specific rules, and a great point system. Point can be earned for style, control, breast fondling, fingering, smothering, outstanding holds, kissing, submission, shame, and toughness. This site and the content within wasn't just thrown together, it was extremely well planned.

Each Ultimate Surrender match comes with pictures, a downloadable video, and a streaming video. The photos are great quality and extremely hot. Girls wrestle in nothing but thongs and shoes. Movies can be downloaded in four different clips and in WMV, Real Media, or MP4 format for your iPod. The quality is great and the matches are very well recorded. Although they are naked chicks, the wresting is very serious and the girls are extremely competitive. As a member, you can chat with others and leave comments about every match that you see.

I can't get over how realistic Ultimate Surrender is. The girls don't act at all - they just wrestle. I really enjoyed looking at the photos and videos and checking out each girl's individual stats. These chicks are really tough, there's no doubt about that. One thing that really amazed me is that even though these girls are into wrestling, they're not butch at all. Most of them are pretty damn hot and watching their tits jiggle around as they fight is very hot.

Ultimate Surrender updates every seven days with a new match. As I mentioned before, the matches include photos and full length videos. Each match consists of three wrestling rounds and one sex round where the winner gets to have her way with the loser. The fighting rounds are each eight minutes long and the sex round can be up to ten minutes. The sex round usually consists of some kind of domination and a strap-on is usually brought out for good measure.

The action at Ultimate Surrender is all real girl on girl wresting and it get very intense as these babes fight it out for glory while managing to rip each other's clothes off in the meanwhile. Quality and amount of videos is some of the best you will see anywhere and of course these wrestling videos are exclusive. There are not many other sites like this around and definitely none that match the archive available here.

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Ultimate Surrender:

  • by WWE Fan  -  Rating: 3/5

    Dudes, I'm really trying to decide if I should join this site or not. Everything about it looks totally amazing from the unique concept to the quality of the babes and the content. But, I've heard this scary rumor that there is a download limit of 10 gb per month. That's just not cool. I can download that in less than an hour and I know that I want to download more of this shit than that. I know there are streaming videos that you could fill in the time between months with but I am a downloader not a streamer. Could you guys check into it and report back on whether there is a download limit or not. It would certainly help me make my mind up.

  • by Torrence  -  Rating: 3/5

    What in the fuck is this site? LMAO I don't know if I should be embarrassed or excited. Even though the whole concept is about as appealing as watching grown men wrestle on mainstream television I am still curious as fuck about this site. I am having a moral dilema with this site as I have this huge urge to join just to see what in the fuck is going on, but I know if I do and my buddies found out that I was a paying member, I would never hear the end of it. I just went back and checked out the site again and they do in fact have videos and that is enough for me to go ahead and check this shit out.

  • by GregoryLaughlin  -  Rating: 4/5

    As far as I know, Ultimate Surrender is the only website where you can find hot babes who wrestle and fuck. And I mean wrestle for real man. These girls knock the shit out of each other in the ring as they work themselves up to a frenzy and get ready to have some of the hottes sex of their lives. Every young man has fantasies of naked girls wrestling and this site brings that fantasy to life. Well worth a one month membership, just to check it out. I joined it and am glad I did.

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