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Discount Review (Updated by David G)

Whipped Ass might sound like the newest drink to hit the club circuit, but trust me it isn't. It is a new femdom BDSM porn site that strives to take the genre to a whole new level. On this site hot chicks are dominated and subjected to the rigors set forth by their female dominatrices. Watch as these ladies get spankings, get tied up and then treated to extremely hardcore lesbian sex. Whipped Ass has even coined a new phrase to explain its brand of porn and this phrase is lezdom. And once you experience lezdom firsthand you will never be able to settle for anything else. If your a fan of female on female domination, and I am sure you will be, then you need to visit Whipped Ass today.

Right from the start it is worth mentioning that Whipped Ass is a site that may be too extreme for some viewers. Ever one of their 595 updates features consensual acts of violent sexual depravity, but while each performer is a willing participant... that doesn't make their sexual suffering any less real! True professional bondage with all kinds of ropes, devices and expertise are put to use in each scene and any number of whips, chains, clips and shaming techniques are employed as well. This is an all female den of inequality where pain is considered to be a tool and pleasure is considered to be a hard earned reward!

There a many bondage sites online but almost all of them suffer from two terrible flaws. Either they feature ugly skanks as models or the 'discipline' they dish out is weak and watered down. Kink is the top studio in bondage production today and Whipped Ass is their all female offering. These scenes are crafted with the discerning life-style B&D adherent in mind. Every one of them stars gorgeous top shelf models and after watching just one of two scenes you will see right away that the things they endure are as real and strict as anything you have ever seen in person.

Be advised, these are professional Doms and subs so trying these techniques at home is something you should not do without taking proper precautions ahead of time. One of the best parts of the Whipped Ass website is the pre-scene and post-scene interviews where you get a feel for what is on the model's mind and what went through their mind during the time they were performing in the role of sex slave or owner.

The site interface is very basic. The good news is that the tour of the site and the members area of the site are identical. If you take the tour you can see exactly what you get in the members area, you just can't watch the movies or download anything until you join. The bad news is that the interface is so basic that it does not have a search function to easily allow you to find all your favorite scenes by actress, sex act or other category. To find what you want to see you'll need to scroll through 57 pages of updates and look for it one screenshot and description at a time. Still, it's worth noting that the members joining Whipped Ass are there for the extraordinary lesbian bondage content, not a fancy web design.

Updates feature several download options for dialup and broadband users alike. Some of the newer updates include an HD version in 1280x720 which is great for full screen viewing, but most of the updates were filmed before that change and are still offered in 640x480 instead. Whipped Ass also offers you large photosets with images in crystal clear 1200x800 which is great for collecting into your own bondage archive.

It is not an exaggeration to say that of the 500 best lesbian bondage scenes ever released to the public, 595 of them can be found on the Whipped Ass website. This really is one of the best niche sites on the market and if watching women struggle with one another is what you are after then getting a membership should be an obvious choice for you.

Whipped Ass is, simply put, one of the most impressive lesbian domination sites ever made. The Kink crew truly know their fetishes, along with presenting them in a fun, yet deliciously taboo fashion. The quality just gets better and better, there are plenty of big name pornstars embracing their bdsm side here, and you truly have to give them a look if you are in any way interested or curious about this niche.

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Whipped Ass:

  • by SpankMyTush  -  Rating: 4/5

    Sometimes I really wish that a site would stick to what it starts out to be. This site is obviously supposed to be about female spanking but it turns into a lot more than that. It's pretty hot female domination over other women but from time to time I want a little less hardcore and a little more kink. I think that a little of the lesbian eroticism is lost in the hardcore efforts of domination and bondage. The quality of the content is pretty good and if you're really into domination and/or BDSM you would really love some of the tortures that they concoct. I think it might be a little more pain than I could personally handle but the women pull it off beautifully. I think the price is fair considering the amount of content and length of the videos. Some of the scenes have in excess of two hours worth of video.

  • by Nubby  -  Rating: 5/5

    Man, don't be so negative. There is LOTS of spanking going on and they throw in a bonus of some great hardcore sex. It's two thumbs up and one hard cock from me. I have been a member for almost 6 months and I ain't going anywhere any time soon.

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