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Discount Review

Welcome to Wifey's World, home to "the web's most well-endowed orally-obsessed housewife" since 1998. Wifey, a slender gal with slim legs and gigantic DD boobs, started Wifey's World with her husband after joining a few "crummy" sites that left the couple feeling cheated. Though Wifey's World is an amateur site, Wifey and her man have become old pros in the years since they launched it and thus the quality of the site is rather impressive. Joseph Larkin, you just single-handedly won the Super Bowl! What are you gonna do next? I'm going to Wifey's World!

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Wifey's World has been online for such a long time that it is an institution at this point. Though Wifey's World is an amateur site, its content rivals that of the biggest smut companies. From her gigantic natural boobs to her role-playing and oral fixations, this well-endowed nymphomaniac will give you plenty of good reasons to stay in her world for a while.


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User comments/reviews and ratings of Wifey's World:

  • by jt  -  Rating: 5/5

    you are an angel from heaven. very beauitiful and smart, intellegent woman and also sexy.

  • by BCarrier  -  Rating: 5/5

    I like this site from the moment I entered it. I simply found it more inviting than the big slick sites with all of the pro pornstars. This site features one woman, Wifey. A delicious slender woman with long blonde hair and a set of tits to die for. There's lots of solo action of Wifey in here and also a lot of action with her and her hubby. Damn man, what a way to make a living. Marry a hot babe and fuck her on camera at home and make a load of money. I can't imagine life ever being that easy for me but it's fun to watch these two and dream about it.

  • by Thiago  -  Rating: 4/5

    Great review for a very good site. I was actually expecting this lady to be a very mature woman, but she more of a middle aged lady or a milf. I can say that she is absolutely beautiful and very very kinky. I give this site such a good rating because of two things, the design which is unlike so many other sites and is very easy to use and the quality and nature of the content. There is a ton of content and the amateurness of it all really pulls everything together. This lady also has a lot of good looking girl friends on the site as well.

  • by Sien  -  Rating: 3/5

    this big titties bitch makes my cock twitch and pump. i wanna give her the big black snake and maker her moan all night long. big dick on her big titties. shoutz for the great movies.

  • by Alex Rojo  -  Rating: 3/5

    I am a little dissapointed that they do not have a trial option for new members. I always take the trial when joining a new site to test the waters if i like it or not. All of the reviews I have read said the site is top notch for a true amateur housewife site, but I like a little teaser before Ig et started.

  • by OtisGilbarret  -  Rating: 4/5

    Wow. This site is hot. This woman is tall and slender and blonde and has big tits. And she describes herself as orally gifted. How can you do better than that? You can't. This babe has everything any of the big tit pornstars have only she's a real person, not some no acting bimbo trying to play some stupid role. And I would bet this babe has been offered to star in porno. She probably gets offers like that all the time, but she does not do them. This site allows you, to soem extent, to really get to know this woman pretty well, and that is a very cool thing. You really cannot go wrong with this site. Wifey's World rocks!

  • by PanetKabr  -  Rating: 5/5

    She's blonde. She's beautiful. She has awesome long legs and gorgeous big tits and she loves to suck cock. Can life get any better than that? Not for me. This babe, for all intents and purposes, is the perfect woman. I know she would satisfy all of my needs because she comes very close to doing that over the internet. I really enjoy being a member of this site and in a way, being part of her daily life, which is how she treats her members. I love you Wifey!

  • by JimmyHannah  -  Rating: 4/5

    Every day I go tto Wifey's World and watch this super hot momma masturbate or suck a dick POV style and I jerk off like an insane fucking monkey. I haven't gotten tired of it yet and I don't think I will any time too soon. We all need a wife like this.

  • by rudy r  -  Rating: 5/5

    beautiful woman and what a body.

  • by aniket chavan  -  Rating: 5/5

    would u like to have sex with me? i m totally boossed out from ur pics keep up this good thing. looooooooots of sexxxxxxx

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