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  • total score93

    Sex Dolls   FULL REVIEW

    In: Toys | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    In the past, when most people thought about Sex Dolls, the cheap vinyl models with oversized mouths were the first thing to spring to their minds. That's because that's the models that were available. However, if this is what you still think about when you think about pleasure dolls, then you may want to check out A site that features some of the most authentic looking dolls you have ever seen, or will ever see. The products that they offer are so beautiful and lifelike you'll think they are...

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    Joy Love Dolls   FULL REVIEW

    In: Toys | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    tot. score94

    Imagine a sexual partner that's always compliant, never complains, and is willing to do whatever you want. If that sounds like your idea of a good time, then perhaps you should check out Joy Love Dolls. That's because while this company may technically sell sex dolls, what they actually sell are sexual fantasies come true. The dolls in their collection look so lifelike, you would swear that they have a pulse. These dolls come in a... Read the Review

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    Your Doll   FULL REVIEW

    In: Toys | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    tot. score93

    Real sex dolls allow a person to take their sexual fantasies to the next level. They afford people the opportunity of crafting the perfect sexual partner for either their solo pleasure or for adding as a third partner in a menage a trois. And thanks to Your Doll, there are more options than ever before in living out your fantasies. The pleasure dolls offered by this company are so lifelike, so sensual and so appealing, once a person... Read the Review

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    Wanks VR   FULL REVIEW

    In: Hardcore | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    tot. score92

    If you've been searching high and low for a site that delivers you an opportunity to feel like you are fucking the hottest pornstars on the planet, then you've found the right site. Wankz VR review is a porn site that does exactly that and they do it using some new and exciting virtual reality technology. It really seems like porn has been at the edge of the technological edge, ever since its inception. It's always bringing... Read the Review

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    Amour Angels   SHORT REVIEW

    In: Young | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    tot. score85

    Nude photography and amateur babes go together like peanut butter and jelly. When they are combined together there are few genres that can adequately compete. If you don't believe me, then all you have to do is check out a site called Amour Angels. This site proves that when you combine beautiful young women with high quality film standards, then you have the potential for something very special. Amour Angels take beautiful young women, most of whom are from Eastern Europe, get them to show... Read the Review

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    Red Tube   SHORT REVIEW

    In: Shemale | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    tot. score86

    Thanks to its abundance of high-quality porn, Red Tube is known not only all around the Internet porn community but also all around the mainstream world. And why wouldn't they be? After all, they are providing high-quality movies of some of the hottest adult entertainment you can see. Sex acts so hot and spicy, you may just need a good antacid afterward. However, what most people don't realize is that they not only have lusty lesbians, a cacophony of cocks and more teen pussy pounding you... Read the Review

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    Brazzers Network   SHORT REVIEW

    In: Mega Access | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    tot. score90

    If you have a passion for big breasted women engaged in lots of hot, steamy hardcore action then I present you the mega access site called Brazzers. And here's a thing - they also have a Brazzers Discount! Inside your granted access to over twenty-six sites featuring over eight hundred and fifty of the horniest and bustiest women in categories that range from porn stars and housewives to teens and milf's. These are sites where the women are stacked and the cocks are hard!! And all the movies... Read the Review

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    Sexually Broken   SHORT REVIEW

    In: Bdsm | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    tot. score84

    Sexually Broken is a site with a name that sounds like it should be the title of the next Hollywood thriller. That is why I was quite surprised when I visited the site and found out that it was actually a porn site that was devoted to extreme bondage and hardcore sex. Gorgeous women, some famous adult stars and some not so famous, subject their bodies and their minds to some of the hardest hitting BDSM and fetish action to hit the Net in quite awhile. Chicks like Bonnie Rotten, India Summer... Read the Review

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    In: Asians | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    tot. score82

    JAV Model is a site that is quickly becoming the standard for Japanese porn sites. That's true for a number of reasons. One, this site has some very beautiful and sexy Japanese babes who are willing to perform in movies that are not only hardcore but are also completely crazy at times. And two, these videos are high resolution and there are literally thousands of them. Need I say more? If you are looking for hot Asian content than JAV Model might just be the site you'll want to visit. That... Read the Review

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    Teen Tugs   SHORT REVIEW

    In: Handjobs | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    tot. score77

    You could probably figure out what the porn site Teen Tugs is about just from its name, but I'll go ahead and tell you anyway. This site features lovely legal teens stroking off large rock hard cock until they shoot their load of cum all over the place. See? I told you that you probably already knew what this site was about. What the name of this site doesn't tell you, however, is how good the quality of the content is or how skilled the girls are with their cock stroking. For that, you are... Read the Review


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    Total Score: 92
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    Total Score: 92
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    This black goddess don't want no scrubs and that's why she prefers to fucks rich white guys. She uses her body to get what she wants like perfume, expensive dinners and lingerie and in this scene you see her doing what she does best, which is fucking. See her perky tits bounce up and down on her chest as she controls the action from above. She rides her stunt cocks dick hard and fast, making him go balls deep into her wet twat so that she can gyrate around on his dong for a...

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    Fuck Team 5 is a porn site that doesn't really sound like an adult entertainment site now does it? When I first heard the name I thought that it was about action heroes or something. Then I took a moment to actually see what they were offering and I must admit that I was pretty fucking blown over. Fuck Team 5 is a premier sex orgy site that is known for delivering the hottest and hardest hitting fornication gangbangs you'll ever see. They go out into the world and find...

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    Any married guy will tell you that pregnant sex is one of the best experiences you will ever have. Not only is a woman extremely horny during this time, but her pussy is at its fucking height. In fact, the pussy is so juicy and ripe it is almost unbelievable. Pregnant fucking is so hot and so intense, that some guys go out of their way to find a knocked up chick to fuck. I'm not kidding. Their are guys who go out and bang nothing but pregnant chicks. My friend was one of these guys and he... Read The Rest

  • Goth Girls Have Gone Mainstream

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    Goth girls have gone mainstream. This is true not only in porn but also in your normal entertainment venues. Go to any movie or watch any television show and I bet that you will see at least a few Goth girls. This is a stark contrast to how things used to be in the US. During the 1980s, this craze began and you started seeing the first waves of Gothic babes out in public. These were the teens who wore a lot of dark make up and kind of dressed like Elvira. These alternative teens got a lot of... Read The Rest

  • Meet The Lady Who Introduced Me To Mature Sex

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    I was twenty years old when I had my first taste of mature sex. It was with this Latina babe who was almost twenty-five years my senior. This lady was not only sexy and hot in every way that matters when it comes to a woman, but she also taught me things I will never forget. Ever since I met this woman I've been fascinated with milf sex. I have visited tons of mature fucking sites and have always longed to find that one mature woman that will remind me of my first sexual adventure with an... Read The Rest

  • Extreme Bondage From Hogtied

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    If you enjoy seeing hot blondes in extreme bondage situations, this scene should be at the top of your must see list. This model was a pleasure to work with in more ways than one. She has a huge fetish for intricate bondage rope play and enjoys the ritual of being tied up just as much as she enjoys feeling the rope bite into her soft flesh and restraining her from movement. See her here as she is slightly suspended off the floor with a full leather BDSM ball gag in her mouth as she stares... Read The Rest

  • The Gays Teens On Sean Cody Are An Amazing Treasure

    In: Gay Twinks

    Anyone in the know realizes that Sean Cody presents not only the hottest gay sex to its members, but also presents some of the hottest gay teens ever to grace a computer monitor or television screen. Sexy young men with fabulous physiques who are the perfect sexual fantasy. The sexy twinks on this site has washboard abs that you can scrub your boxers on and rock hard cocks that are just waiting to go to work on your mouth or ass. And as if that wasn't enough, these guys have tight starfishes... Read The Rest

  • Mary Sucks Cock In Free Granny Pics

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    Mary, Mary quite contrary how good do you suck cock? The answer is really fucking good! Mary is a lusty grandma that still enjoys giving randoms blowjobs. The has always loved the way a cock feels as it glides down her throat and bounces off the back of her throat. Mary has been sucking cock for so long that she can deepthroat like a pro and she knows all sorts of tongue tricks to give her man extra pleasure as she bobs his dong in and out of her wet mouth. Watch Mary in this scene as she... Read The Rest

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    40 Something Mag has delivered to me something that really improves the quality of my life. Everyday, they give me the mature pussy that I've always wanted. Beautiful milfs who love to show off their sensational bodies and get their mature twat fucked in hardcore videos and pictures. Finally, a website that delivers something useful. Having access to not only a large collection of mature cunts getting fucked is always a plus. Especially when new content is being added on a regular basis.... Read The Rest

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