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  • total score81

    Sssh.com   FULL REVIEW

    On: Apr 14, 2014 | In: For Women | User Ratings: 3.7/5    3

    Finally, there is a website that caters to women and their desires. Sssh has created the perfect place to find information about love, sex and relationships as well as being able to watch sensual and erotic movies, read erotic fiction and even see some photos of some amazingly hot guys. This is the kind of website that you want to explore without any panties on and a cold glass of wine next to the...

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  • total score80

    For The Girls   FULL REVIEW

    On: May 26, 2007 | In: For Women | User Ratings: 3.7/5    3

    According to its tour, "For the Girls is a quality erotica site for women that combines a huge selection of sexy photos chosen just for women with an entire online magazine. Gorgeous men with huge cocks await your pleasure. Enjoy decadent orgies, lusty encounters, romantic liaisons, hardcore fucking..... Give yourself over to the wonderland of your sensual imagination... So you get thousands of pics of sexy naked men, couples photos that will appeal to women, male strippers, hardcore movies and exclusive steamy erotic fiction combined with columns,...

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  • total score76


    On: Jun 08, 2006 | In: For Women | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    Extreme Cfnm (Clothed Female - Naked Male) is becoming more popular because it is unscripted, wild behavior from parties. The site records what goes on behind closed doors when you put hot male strippers together with horny real women. The Extreme Cfnm site delivers pics and vids of dirty sluts giving blow jobs, hardcore fucking, group sex, oral sex with food and more. The ladies keep their clothes on for the most part, but the men take it all off and have bulging biceps, "sex pack" abs" and fat cocks that get more attention in one night than most...

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  • total scoren/a

    Clothed Females Naked Males   EXPRESS REVIEW

    On: Jan 04, 2008 | In: For Women | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    The somewhat clumsily named 4 CFNM is a clothed females naked males site that focuses its camera's eye on wild bachelorette parties that inevitably end with a drunken office gal's hand or mouth on a studly male stripper's limp noodle. With their glistening rock hard bodies, the hunky erotic dancers on 4 CFNM are helpless to resist the grabby paws of the intoxicated and fully clothed female partygoers, who wank and suck the naked strippers with wild abandon. The fun never ends at 4 CFNM, where it's always party...

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  • total score91

    Peter North   FULL REVIEW

    On: Mar 19, 2008 | In: Pornstars | User Ratings: 3.7/5    3

    Every woman in the world has dreamed of having a knight in shining armor ride up to her door step and sweep her off her feet and every woman in the world has dreamed of having that knight bend her over and fuck her like an animal. If they say they haven't they're lying. Peter North might not be your knight in shining armor but he's armed with a nice hard lance and he's not afraid to use it and use it and use it and.. well, you get the...

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  • total score81

    Party Hardcore   FULL REVIEW

    On: Sep 10, 2008 | In: Wild Party | User Ratings: 3.8/5    4

    What do you get when you combine young, horny chicks, alcohol and hot hunky strippers? You get Party Hardcore! I was honestly expecting this to just be another girls getting drunk and flashing their tits type site but I was very wrong. This is a unique site and I've never seen anything like it. I can't wait to explore it and download as much as I can to continue...

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  • total score79

    Male Stars   FULL REVIEW

    On: Jun 05, 2009 | In: Celebrities | User Ratings: 3.7/5    3

    Male Stars may very well be one of the best celebrity sex sites out there. Whether you're a straight lady or a gay guy, you're sure to enjoy your visit here. Filled with pages of some of the hottest guys in the world, there's no way you won't find someone that'll get your motor running. Male Stars has a great mix of celebrity gossip articles and naked/provocative photos. This mix of content really got me going and I hope it'll be the same for...

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  • total score78

    Male Celebrities   FULL REVIEW

    On: May 05, 2009 | In: Celebrities | User Ratings: 3.3/5    4

    Looking for celebrity news, juicy gossip and naked pics of your favorite male stars? Look no further than Male Celebrities, where you can read the latest Hollywood headlines and get a peek at your favorite stars in the buff. Male Celebrities, which has been online since 1995, possesses one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of famous male nudity in the world - this site is constantly updated with breaking news, candid photos and stills from movies. But is it really as great as it sounds? Let's find out,...

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  • total score78

    Male Celebs   EXPRESS REVIEW

    On: Jul 03, 2005 | In: Celebrities | User Ratings: 4.0/5    1

    Male Celebs brings you all that's hot in the world of male celebrities. Actors, models, musicians and pornstars are all presented to you in paparazzi photos that were taken when the male celebs thought no one was looking. Along with those hot male celebs you also get some great first timers in hardcore action, hot hunks fucking in the shower, twinks in full length gay videos and even more. This site is packed with everything a gay man could want to...

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