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  • total score79

    Please Bang My Wife   FULL REVIEW

    On: Mar 24, 2008 | In: Wife | User Ratings: 3.8/5    6

    Pornstars do in fact get married from time to time but that doesn't do a damn thing to calm down their superhuman libidos. When their husbands just can't keep up with their urges any longer it's time for them to bring their slut wives to a professional male cockstar so they can ask him to Please Bang My...

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  • total score78

    Wife Bucket   SHORT REVIEW

    On: Dec 20, 2010 | In: Wife | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    Wife Bucket is a porn site that claims to have one of the largest collection of real amateur content in the world of porn today. I was initially suspicious of their claim, but after browsing through their large collection I now consider myself to be a believer. For those of you who aren't familiar with Wife Bucket, let me tell you a little bit about it. Wife Bucket is an amateur porn site that has tons of videos and pictures of real housewives getting down and dirty for the camera. These well seasoned ladies not only show off their sexy bodies but also engage in...

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  • total score78

    Cum Eating Cuckolds   EXPRESS REVIEW

    On: Sep 28, 2011 | In: Wife | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    It is bad enough when a wife forces her husband to watch as she fucks another guy, but it is even worse when she forces him to participate. That is the premise of a porn site called Cum Eating Cuckolds. The wives on this site, who all happen to be sexy as hell, all force their husbands to watch as they get their tight pussies pierced with the great big cocks of their boyfriends. But that isn't good enough for these horny wives. They also have to force their poor husbands to participate. Sometimes the ladies on Cum Eating Cuckolds makes their husbands lick their...

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  • total score76

    Dirty Wives Exposed   SHORT REVIEW

    On: Jan 19, 2011 | In: Wife | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    Dirty Wives Exposed feature horny milfs who have no problem going out and getting laid. Just because they have a ring on their finger doesn't mean that they aren't above sucking strangers cocks, getting fucked in extramarital trysts and even having sex with each. And all of these milfs debauchery are captured in high quality movies and videos that are updated on a regular basis. If you love to watch amateur content featuring real housewives, then you might want to shoot on over to Dirty Wives Exposed to get a real eyeful. Nasty housewives getting caught being...

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  • total score75

    Cum On Wives   EXPRESS REVIEW

    On: Sep 13, 2011 | In: Wife | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    Cum On Wives is a porn site that has a couple things going for it. One, it is comprised of nothing but user-submitted amateur content. Two, it has real older women in real sex action. Three, it has some of the best facial and bukkake content you will ever see. Combine all of this together and you end up with a porn site that is destined to make the average amateur porn fan happier than hell. The hot ladies on Cum On Wives love to showcase their sexual skill in hardcore movies, but what they really like is to get covered in loads of man gravy. And when I say...

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  • total score73

    Swinger Tales   EXPRESS REVIEW

    On: Aug 24, 2005 | In: Wife | User Ratings: 3.0/5    1

    Take a look into the exciting and action packed lifestyle of real swingers. Swinger Tales includes a serious of uncensored, down and dirty movies of couples living out their fantasies in their homes, at clubs, even on their honeymoons! These young and mature couples engage in orgies full of hardcore fucking, sucking, bouncing tits, hard cocks and tight holes getting...

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  • total score73

    Housewife Bangers DISCOUNT!   EXPRESS REVIEW

    On: Nov 30, 2005 | In: Wife | User Ratings: 4.2/5    5

    The theme of Housewife Bangers is married couples in financial distress that will go to any lengths to pay off their debts. The husbands don't try to get a loan, they loan out their wives for sexual favors. The husbands blow their load of cash and their housewives end up swallowing a load of jizz. Members are granted access to hours of video featuring horny babes sucking cock, bending over for a hard pussy pounding or riding cock like a cowgirl and plenty shots of anal penetration, loads of hot cum being guzzled down like a milkshake and splattered all over their...

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  • total score72

    Screw My Sexy Wife   FULL REVIEW

    On: Sep 04, 2008 | In: Wife | User Ratings: 4.5/5    2

    You would think after taking such important vows in front of many a witness, that everyone's marriage works the same. Wrong! In fact, some people love the idea of being married, but also love the idea of watching their beloved turned into a common slut by fucking some stranger's dick! Screw My Sexy Wife presents just such a scenario, with horny, in-their-prime wives learning to ride on another man's pole while the husbands enjoy (or in some cases, not) the...

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  • total score92


    On: May 26, 2008 | In: Milf | User Ratings: 3.8/5    5

    Milf Hunter is the MILF lover site from the Reality Kings Network. Updating weekly since 12-31-2001 it is one of the oldest and most revered smut sites anywhere on the web today. Featuring 307 exclusive videos with models between the ages of 26 and 46, this site delivers the kind of content that any fan of mature women would want to see. Add in the other 23 included sites on the same network (which includes their mobile porn network) for one low price and you have a deal that is hard to walk away from. It's hard to walk away because your boner will be fucking up...

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  • total score71

    Naughty At Home   SHORT REVIEW

    On: Sep 23, 2012 | In: Amateurs | User Ratings: 4.0/5    3

    Desirae Spencer has spent most of her life being very, very naughty. She has spent years doing dirty content with her husband and then posting it to the web. And she became pretty famous. That didn't last long however, and soon Desirae was divorced and on her own. So what did she do after her marriage ended? Well, she started a new porn site called Naughty At Home. Now she is completely uninhibited and ready to have some fun. Step inside Naughty At Home and watch this divorced cougar show you her nasty side. This milf not only plays with her near perfect pussy,...

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  • total score69

    Wives In Pantyhose DISCOUNT!   FULL REVIEW

    On: Jul 30, 2008 | In: Stockings Pan. | User Ratings: 4.3/5    4

    Wives in Pantyhose - the name pretty much says it all, right? In case it doesn't, I'll spell it out for you: Wives in Pantyhose is a pornographic website that features married women - wearing pantyhose. Not much more to say, really - looks like my work is done here...be good, people! Huh? What's that? I still have five hundred words left to write? Crap. Uh, join Wives in Pantyhose today to see hot amateur wives wearing...

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