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  • total score76

    Dirty Smokers   FULL REVIEW

    In: Smoking | User Ratings: 3.7/5    3

    Let's face it: Smoking is cool, sexy and dangerous (literally). Need proof? Take a look at comedian Denis Leary, a smoker! Or you could just check out Dirty Smokers, a site devoted to women who love posing, giving blowjobs and getting fucked while smoking. The dirty smokers of Dirty Smokers are not only cool, sexy and dangerous, but they're also a hell of a lot easier on the eyes than Denis Leary is, thus you'll get a lot more joy from looking at Dirty Smokers than you'll get from looking at Denis...

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  • total score74

    420 Girls   FULL REVIEW

    In: Smoking | User Ratings: 3.0/5    2

    Wikipedia describes "four-twenty" as "a term used in North America as a discreet way to refer to cannabis and, by extension, a way to identify oneself with cannabis culture." With that in mind, it should be clear that "420 girls" are girls who smoke pot, thus it should come as no surprise that 420 Girls is a porn site filled with nude pot-smokin' babes. 420 Girls is touted by Rolling Stone magazine as being "the best website ever. Ever." But can Rolling Stone be trusted? Is 420 Girls really "the best...

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  • total score73

    Ms Inhale   SHORT REVIEW

    In: Smoking | User Ratings: 5.0/5    1

    Do smoking women turn you on? No, not smoking hot, although she is that. Ms. Inhale (otherwise known as Chloe) is an 18 year old English hottie who just loves to incorporate smoking into everything. Whether she's giving a handjob or going through intense fetish scenes, she's always puffing away on a handy cigarette. Well, unless she's working on a cigar - that makes things even hotter. She really stands out in a very rare niche to find in the solo girl market - and she makes it look as sexy as...

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