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  • total score92

    Fucking Machines   FULL REVIEW

    In: Toys | User Ratings: 4.4/5    7

    Be afraid, be very afraid. The machines are looking to steal your pussy. At least that is what I think is happening after I have visited a porn site called Fucking Machines. On this site, beautiful women are pounded hard by pneumatic machines that have an endurance level that no man can compete with. Watch as these cold, hard machines get right to work on these chick's quivering pussies and give them orgasm that just about blow their mind. Fucking Machines will transport you into a porn realm that few have dared to take you. These machines fuck these women in...

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  • total score75

    Wild Fuck Toys DISCOUNT!   FULL REVIEW

    In: Toys | User Ratings: 3.5/5    4

    At Wild Fuck Toys, women open their toy boxes and make love to the sexy machines they find inside. These babes in toyland are fucked senseless by a number of inanimate objects, from the Thrill Hammer and the Spindoll Snake to the Intruder and the Sybian. Watching these toys please women in ways you never could is a bit of a downer, but it's also one hell of a ride, as these ladies can attest. Wild Fuck Toys asks, "Just how much mechanical pounding can these girls take?" Short answer: Quite a...

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  • total score72

    Mega Penetrations   SHORT REVIEW

    In: Toys | User Ratings: 5.0/5    1

    With content that includes fisting, anal fingering and vaginas being penetrated by multiple Barbie dolls, fistfuls of number two pencils, baseball bats (batter up!) and salami sticks, the name Mega Penetrations might be an understatement. In short, Mega Penetrations is mega bizarre as well as extremely extreme. And if the sex on Mega Penetrations isn't extreme enough for you, don't fret cos members of this site also get access to over twenty extra sites. But, hey, if the sight of a woman's vagina filled with pencils isn't extreme enough for you, you may need to...

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  • total score72

    Obscene Machines   SHORT REVIEW

    In: Toys | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    Obscene Machines is the perfect place for women that are not satisfied by anything a guy can do - and they aren't into women. So what's a girl to do? Well, apparently that's when it's time to open up their sweet legs and let their pussy get punished by the relentless sex machines. These things aren't tame like a sybian - they are loud, powerful fuck machines that will drive these women into the most intense orgasms of their...

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  • total score83

    Yanks.com   FULL REVIEW

    In: Masturbation | User Ratings: 3.0/5    2

    Yanks.com, which is actively "celebrating women celebrating themselves," is all about the beauty of female masturbation; you see, women pleasure themselves on Yanks.com, which brings pleasure to Yanks.com's members. Sure, there's some girl-girl stuff here as well, but most of the focus is on solo masturbation and girls makin' themselves feel good by all themselves. The makers of Yanks.com have been filming real girls having real orgasms since 2002, so they clearly know what they're doing here. Or do they? Let's find...

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  • total score83

    In The Crack   FULL REVIEW

    In: Unusual | User Ratings: 4.2/5    5

    In the Crack allows its members the opportunity to "see girls peeing, using a speculum, peeing through a speculum and even having squirting female orgasms." According to the site's tour, female masturbation videos are In the Crack's specialty - the site shows you lots of wide open vagina views using a speculum and spreading with fingers, "the human speculum." In the Crack "[brings] you some amazing close-up views as you watch female masturbation acts right in front of your...

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  • total score82

    Give Me Pink   FULL REVIEW

    In: Babes | User Ratings: 4.0/5    5

    Let's face the facts. If you have a beautiful model in your bed and she starts rubbing her pussy, she's gonna get freaked out when you want to get in close to see every detail of what she is doing. Give Me Pink is the solution to this common sex problem. Fashion model quality Babes spread their legs and allow a 1920x1080 true 1080p high-def camera to film ever flick of their clit and finger-fucking moment of the action! Watching from your own monitor or HDTV you can see each motion she makes and learn valuable tongue tricks while enjoying the entertainment of her...

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  • total score80

    Female Orgasm World   SHORT REVIEW

    In: Masturbation | User Ratings: 3.5/5    2

    Female Orgasm World gathered up women from around the world that have mastered the art of experiencing squirting and gushing orgasms. These amateurs bring themselves or other girls to climax with their fingers, toys, and tongues. The end result is a copious flow of cum. The Female Orgasm World site offers close-ups of female ejaculation, many different camera angles focusing on faces, perky tits, hot asses, full body shots, lesbian action, streams of cum shooting across the room as well an interesting insight into the dynamics of female orgasms. This site offers...

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  • total score77

    British Orgasms   SHORT REVIEW

    In: Masturbation | User Ratings: 3.0/5    1

    British Orgasms brings you babes from the UK that know how to give members the money shot! When they orgasm, they female ejaculate, resulting in a streaming burst of cum. They finger fuck themselves or use toys until they their pussies are soaking wet. Members will see plenty of masturbating, girl on girl action and a sea of nice asses. A membership to the British Orgasms site will give you access to an enormous collection of videos and extras such as a toy store, DVD store and Video on Demand....

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  • total score75

    Real Orgasms DISCOUNT!   FULL REVIEW

    In: Masturbation | User Ratings: 4.3/5    4

    Real Orgasms has dedicated itself to bringing you gorgeous amateur hotties that make themselves cum on camera for the first time ever. The girls use everything from their fingers to gigantic dildos to bring themselves to a mind numbing orgasm for you to enjoy. The cameras catch every moment of them from fully dressed to fully spent and you get to tag along for the ride. This site is called Real Orgasms for a reason and you are about to find out...

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  • total score75

    Girls Left Alone   EXPRESS REVIEW

    In: Amateurs | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    Most guys would assume that the things that sexy teen girls do in the privacy of their own homes is pretty tame. They imagine these girls doing their makeup, shaving their legs or talking on the phone. But a new porn site called Girls Left Alone has blown that myth out of the water. The young ladies on Girls Left Alone show what teen girls actually do when they are left to their own devices. Step inside this solo teen masturbation site and watch the cutest sluts on the planet fucking themselves in a variety of different ways. Watch as they dip their eager fingers...

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  • total score65

    Taboo Insertions   EXPRESS REVIEW

    In: Unusual | User Ratings: 5.0/5    1

    There are some girls who will try and slide just about anything into their tight twats. Taboo Insertions brings you the wildest of these horny sluts and you get to watch tools, fruit, bottles, veggies and even things like baseball bats disappear inside these sluts. If you thought that big dildoes were serious things to put into a pussy then just wait till you see the taboo insertions that some girls are willing to...

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