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Av9898 (full review)

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The esoterically named AV9898 is an Asian video site featuring "one hundred percent uncensored Japanese adult video;" that's right, folks, uncensored, meaning none of the cocks are blurred out - this site's massive collection of hardcore movies shows you everything you want to see...and some things you might not want to see - just take a look at some of the categories: pissing, rape, cum-eating, no condom, etc. (Can you believe that rape is an actual category on a porn site?! What is this world coming to?) Obviously, the Japanese babes of AV9898 don't shy away from any kinky action.

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    80 min.
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    Clips & Full length
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  • wmv (2000 kbps, 640x480)

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Review (Updated by David G)

AV9898 owns the exclusive rights for worldwide distribution outside of Japan to all the movies on it - in other words, if you don't live in Japan, you won't be seeing these movies anywhere else. AV9898 produces and sells the DVDs from which the movies on their site have been taken - AV9898 does not use stolen or pirated content, so you can rest assured that AV9898 will never get shut down by the authorities for copyright infringement. And, again, all of AV9898's movies are uncensored - though makers of adult videos in Japan are required by law to censor the display of genitalia, their videos can be distributed without the mosaic censor outside of Japan. As luck would have it, AV9898's servers are located in the U.S. and abide by U.S. laws pertaining to adult material.

Though the members area of AV9898 is somewhat of a clusterfuck, it's fairly easy to navigate. You can check out the latest additions to the site, search content by keyword, browse material by actress type (you know, mature, teen, nurse, etc.) or browse content by category. There are screen caps underneath all viewing choices, so you can see what to expect in each flick. There are no enlargements for these images, just thumbnails that are for advertising purposes only.

Some of the scenes and models on AV9898 are missing information. Some of this missing info is language-related - the movies have descriptions when you're visiting the Japanese version of the site but not when you're visiting the English version. The model info, however, is often lacking no matter which site you visit - though there is room on each model page for information like measurements and hobbies, these are usually left blank.

Currently, there are five hundred and sixty-four downloadable movies on AV9898, which is updated daily. Yup, every day an entire full-length movie is added to the site's collection. It's possible that the webmasters are rotating content out - though they've been updating daily, the collection has only grown by one movie in the last four months, leading me to believe that older scenes are removed from the site when new scenes are added.

The movies on AV9898 cannot be streamed and are usually quite long, from forty-five minutes to ninety minutes a piece. The movies are cut up into five to ten clips and each clip is offered in two sizes. The movies are encoded in Windows Media 9 Series and the WMV files are compressed into RAR files because they are so big. You may want to travel to the FAQ section of AV9898 for more info on RAR files. Anyway, the videos look very good, though it's kind of a drag to have to decompress 'em before viewing 'em.

Bottom Line

AV9898 has an incredible amount of high quality content with a price tag that is super cheap when compared to it's porn peers. The girls are sexy, the action hot and the movies are full length. This is one site that is destined for greatness and one that I would have no reservations giving two thumbs up.


$19.95 for 1 month (recurring)
$53.95 for 3 months (one-time)

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Av9898:

  • by Johnny  -  Rating: 2/5

    My computer doesn't read Asian fonts so I have no fucking idea on how to navigate the site to join or see any of the free content and that really pisses me off. However, the girls that I was able to see are really cute and I wish that I could see more. And what is up with the site name? Anyone know what AV9898 fucking means or is it something else my computer doesn't understand? LOL

  • by Killigan  -  Rating: 4/5

    It is a goofey fucking name for a website but the girls are really hot. These girls are the real thing with really hairy pussies. And these babes will take on anything that is thrown their way. There's even some rape stuff in here. Some of these girls are so hot I'm still thinking about them and it's been a few days since I went into the website. This site is different and I like it.

  • by Billy  -  Rating: 5/5

    dude, you must be high.. everything is in English unless you and your computer can't read that either. I fucking love this site. It's like the Japanese version of ATK or Twisty's. The amateur Asian chicks are totally smoking and the site is huge.

    I agree though that the name is a little bit on the strange side unless there's something in Japanese that this means and I just don't know what it is. The price isn't bad for such a large and diversified site.

  • by Vinnie  -  Rating: 4/5

    Amazing, where else do you find a website that gives you a full-length movie added to the member's area every day? Who gives a shit if the name is weird or there happens to be Asian characters in some of the images. It's a Japanese site.. deal with it.

  • by Levi  -  Rating: 4/5

    This is one of the most hardcore sites that I've come across. The categories have changed a little since I was a member a couple of years ago. There's no longer a rape category. I guess they caught some shit over that. But, I can't believe that stuff this hardcore is coming out of Japan. I thought they were all wound tight and had a problem with sexuality.

    But, when I was a member, everything was top notch from the girls to the content.

  • by Freemanman  -  Rating: 4/5

    This is one of the very few sites that acutally offers the member one hundred percent uncensored Japanese harcore. That's right, none of that blurred out shit here. This is all the real thing and it's right up in your face, close and personal like. I like it/

  • by JapperDan  -  Rating: 5/5

    Av9898 is a title I will never figure out but the site is really great. This place has all the Asian hardcore a guy or girl could ever want and it is totally uncesored and in your face, sucking and fucking. There's lots of extreme content in here too for you kinky fuckers out there. I just love the idea of fucking the shit out of a beautiful young Asian girl and this site gives me more of that than I need. And the price is fucking killer. You can't join any other kind of premium adult site this cheap anymore.

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