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Bi Maxx (full review)

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It doesn't matter if your buddy has a date and you feel like the third wheel. BiMaxx takes care of the problem because everyone is going to get laid by everyone else. This is a hot site where two guys and one girl spend an evening pleasuring each other and also receiving some pleasure as well. Every scene is hardcore and raunchy and I loved it.

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    20 min.
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  • wmv (896 kbps, 480x360)


  • Extras: Network/bonus site access, Live cams

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Review (Updated by Tiffany)

A fuck hole is a fuck hole and a warm, wet mouth is good for any cock to go into regardless of whether it belongs to a man or woman. At least that's what happens on BiMaxx. I love the fact that everyone is so secure with their own sexuality that they just do what feels good. This is definitely some hot bisexual action.

Everything about the member's area of BiMaxx is easy. After you log in there is only one page that you need to concern yourself with and that's the page that you first land on. This is where the content is listed and even if you navigate through the links at the top you will come back to this page. There are a total of 27 pages of scenes listed at the moment. Through these 27 pages you will find 193 content sets. There is not a search and you just have to browse through each page to find what interests you.

Each of the content scenes has a full-length movie available for download as either WMV or AVI format, a set of high-resolution photos that can be viewed gallery style or saved in a zip folder or smaller video clips that can be streamed in WMV format. The content quality for both movies and photos is excellent and it appears to be original. If you really find some of the content appealing and you just have to have it in a DVD you can also buy the DVDs at a very reasonable price through the website.

I looked over some of the scenes while doing this review so that I could judge the quality and length of the videos and the quality of the photos. I must say that the quality is great but I got impatient waiting for the load and/or buffer times on the videos. I would like to have seen a quicker download available. I am on a fairly quick cable internet connection and the full-length video download time was more than 15 minutes each and could stretch to 30+ minutes depending on the size of the video. Given the size of the videos, they really should download faster than what they did. I did prefer downloading the full-length over the clips because when I clicked on one of the shorter video clips and waited for it to buffer it took approximately 2 minutes. Each video clip was approximately 2 minutes long and right when I was getting into masturbating I had to wait 2 minutes to load the next clip. So, if you want uninterrupted touching time you really need to just wait for the full-length movie to download.

You won't find any frills or extras with the BiMaxx site. They have given you everything you need to enjoy your membership and there is no need to have a lot of gimmicks just to stuff the member's area. You get good solid content, a nice sized amount of it and it will keep you busy for quite some time.

Bottom Line

There is a distinct lack of bisexual sites, so a good quality site like BiMaxx is always a welcome sight. Although the videos could use a quality improvement, there's no denying that the giant bisexual orgies they get together are well worth watching at any size. They seem to be steadily updating, so even if you don't want to join right now it's still worth keeping an eye on.


24.99 for 30 days (recurring)

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Bi Maxx:

  • by IWannaTry  -  Rating: 4/5

    Hey, this is actually a pretty good site. The quality of the content is good as you will be able to see from the pictures on the tour. It's not great on the outside and so-so on the inside, they actually have good stuff inside also. There aren't a lot of scenes right now but hopefully that will improve in the future. I'm not stoked about the price because it's in Euros and that means that Americans pay a lot more for it. It's also a single site access so there's no bonus sites to play around with. So, if you think that good porn is worth any price I would say go for it. Plus, you can always buy copies of the movies if you want to have it all nice and neat in a little box for you.

  • by Mat  -  Rating: 4/5

    Great site but it's one of those that I only do every once in a while because of the price and it limits my monthly porn budget to just this site. I suggest joining and going in to download everything that you can and then not renewing the next month and then waiting a few months and joining again. This way you can minimize your cost and effectively get all of the hot porn you want.

  • by Vernon  -  Rating: 4/5

    I agree with the review that the download speeds are a little slow. When I join a site and go on a downloading spree I want to grab as much as I can in as short a period as I can so that when the mood hits me all I have to do is find the video I want to watch on my computer and sit back with my hand and my hard cock.

  • by Polly  -  Rating: 5/5

    Thanks for having this site available and telling me all about it. I got this membership because I know that my boyfriend has always been bi-curious. We really enjoyed it and it may actually lead us to having our own threesome in the very near future.

  • by Andy  -  Rating: 5/5

    Amazing porn. Some of the guys they have are fucking sexy, but it has that female edge that keeps the awkwardness in gay porn at bay

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