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Big Mouthfuls (express review)

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The intro to Big Mouthfuls inarticulately says it all: "[The Bangbros] find real amateur girls from all over America and Europe and videotape them getting their MOUTHS FILLED BY COCK. These crazy bitches swallow up every last drop!" Basically, every episode on Big Mouthfuls ends the same way: with a "big mouthful" of reproductive paste for an extremely lucky lady to faithfully swallow down like a spoonful of cough medicine. Yes, every girl on Big Mouthfuls is rewarded with a shot of slime for services rendered; it's a beautiful thing, really.


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Bottom Line

Big Mouthfuls is a big winner. The content is good, the babes are hot and the action is titillating - what more could you ask for? Big Mouthfuls depicts a fantasy world in which women never spit and are always willing to swallow - since no such world actually exists, a membership to Big Mouthfuls is the next best thing.


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User comments/reviews and ratings of Big Mouthfuls:

  • by Omar  -  Rating: 3/5

    What does the site mean by big mouthfuls? I can't tell if it means the girls are swallowing big loads of cum or if the cocks they are sucking are big, because this girls look like they are having a fun time sucking on those big cocks, but at the end they are choking on huge loads of jizz. I can't ever find any woman like this where I am at.

  • by Nate  -  Rating: 4/5

    Dude, it means both. They are sucking big cocks in some and in others they are taking big loads of swimmers. But, they are all getting their tonsils shoved to the back of their throat. It's great content so if you haven't signed up yet jump on the bandwagon and watch some great BJs.

  • by RonnieHan  -  Rating: 4/5

    This site is hot stuff. It's filled with great blowjobs by hot babes who always swallow the whole load. These girls suck dicks that are so big they have to stretch their mouths out just to get started. Fun stuff.

  • by QuintenG  -  Rating: 4/5

    Big Mouthfuls is meant to mean a big mouthful of dick juice but it could also mean a big huge dick stuck in their mouth because both of these scenarios are the case in this website. Really pretty girls give great screaming skull and they all end up with a mouthfull of hot cum. Any man would have to love that. I sure do.

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