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Ghetto Gaggers (full review)

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Ghetto Gaggers features "ghetto fabulous face-fucked biatches;" in other words, Ghetto Gaggers is an extreme hardcore blowjob site containing the face-fucking of young ebony babes in exclusive photo galleries and full-length videos. Most of the episodes on Ghetto Gaggers feature interracial action involving black "biatches" tussling with pale white guys who try to choke their partners with their dongs (don't worry, there's also plenty of anal). In short, the hood rats of Ghetto Gaggers will gag their way into your beady little heart!

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    35 min.
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  • Extras: Network/bonus site access, Live cams

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Review (Updated by David G)

Log into Ghetto Gaggers and you will find yourself in the main members area of Adult Doorway, which will give you access to Ghetto Gaggers and a number of bonus sites, like Facial Abuse, Sperm Suckers, Ebony Cum Dumps and Latina Abuse. The members area of Adult Doorway displays all the latest updates to the sites in its network - in turn, the members area of Ghetto Gaggers displays all of its latest updates as well as links to streaming video sites, live cams and chat. Ghetto Gaggers is updated sporadically but new episodes are often added once a week.

The ladies employed by Ghetto Gaggers talk tough but are given a rather rude introduction to the world of face-fucking that humbles them considerably. Each episode contains plenty of throat-fucking (often to the point of gagging, hence the name "Ghetto Gaggers"), hardcore sex and multiple loads of cum (or "jism") being deposited onto well-fucked African American faces. It seems like most of these "sistas" are amateurs, but there are some big names gagging on Ghetto Gaggers as well, like Lacey Duvalle and Candace Von.

Each episode on Ghetto Gaggers contains a large photo gallery and a movie. A typical episode description: "Ashanti never did porno before. We were surprised that she has a scholarship to Rutgers. Why she wants to do porn is beyond us, but we wanted to school her our own way. She took a good face-fuckin' and bitch slappin' until we broke her down. Then we busted our loads on her face and she sat on the floor while tears tried to make its way through all the degrading mess." Kinda warms the heart, huh?

Most of the photo galleries on Ghetto Gaggers contain hundreds of average-resolution pics that can be downloaded one at a time (there are also tons of crummy screen caps from each movie available for download) or downloaded in a zip file. The movies on Ghetto Gaggers can be streamed as WMV files or downloaded in the MPEG format. Download options include broadband, dialup and smaller movie clips for folks on dialup who don't wanna wait around to download the whole movie. Full movie lengths run from twenty to fifty-four minutes, though most are about forty minutes in length. The movies look pretty darn good (even the streaming dialup clips look decent!).

Bottom Line

If you want to see sexy black hoes sucking cock and than getting a face full of cum than head on over to Ghetto Gaggers. This site has an ample selection of hot ebony chicks getting gagged by large white cocks. As time goes by and more content is continuously added than they may eventually become the premier interracial site that sets the bar.


$29.95 for 1 month (recurring)
$69.00 for 3 months (one-time)

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Ghetto Gaggers:

  • by Hoodrat  -  Rating: 4/5

    Ghetto Gaggers has all the kind of sex I like to see. Hot black sluts getting face fucked by over sized white cocks is what the site is built on but there's also a lot of hot fuckind and ass fucking of these nasty black bitches too. Site has good content and is a lot of fun.

  • by GeneAltman  -  Rating: 4/5

    Hot young black bitches getting fucked and gagged by big white cocks is something I am always ready to see. These black girls love white cocks and I like that a lot.
    The quality is good and the action is even better.

  • by WaylandGdinaro  -  Rating: 4/5

    Ghetto Gaggers is a cool site. What I like the most is that they've got a lot of slutty black babes who get face fucked and gagged by big white cocks. And some of these black girls are very, very hot. I find it a bit ironic that they should get gagged with big white cocks and maybe that's why I like this site so much. Or maybe it's just that the sex in this site is really hot.

  • by Magoo  -  Rating: 3/5

    Too many of the bitches are BUTT-UGLY!

  • by Just Read  -  Rating: 1/5

    This site is bullshit, and the same horrible looking men and women have been on this ridicules site for the last five years. Every once in a while this site feature a new girl. This site always claim to get an "A One" black porn start, but the porn stars they get are either girls that tried to get out of the business and is looking to return, porn stars that are no longer "A One" and will take any job they can fine, or they are some no name want to be porn star that will take what ever they can get. But the worst thing about this site is all the men and women on this site look like they all have a disease. If you are trying to promote aids this is the site to come to. The men and women on this site are very unattractive. If the bad sex acts is not enough to make you want to leave this site the horrible looking men and women should be enough to make you leave this site.

  • by Redpretender  -  Rating: 3/5

    Just Read is partly right. A lot of the people in this site are not exactly what you would call lookers. But the action is pretty hot. I personally like seeing white guys put the hammer to black whores and this site does exactly that. I really like when they give it to them up their ass like they were saying, that's rigth slut, take that and like it. Overall this is a decent site, just not a great one.

  • by Who Cares  -  Rating: 1/5

    Worst shit on the net. Total waste of time, I find it kind of difficult to get turn by loser spitting on the face of the girl he is trying to fuck; ummm maybe I;m the strange one but that just don't do it for me. Then half of the dudes lack any type of skill and their so called cock are the size of a pee shooter. All this while some dude in the background says "Bitch say you love big White cocks", at that point instead of being aroused by the action I'm laughing cause I ain't seen but one white guy out of the whole lot who can make our race proud. Half of the girl are ugly and the ones that are half decent I can't even see cause half of their damn faces are covered in vomit or spit up their eyebrows definately not going to make my dick hard...

  • by Just Cancelled  -  Rating: 1/5

    Tried to hold out for another "looker" post (Mahlia, Candice Nicole) but I just can't endure another sporadic update of these fat, run of the mill, trash amateur females. Even the "stars" they're updating with are worn-out blobs that no one cares to see anymore (Skyy Black being the most recent uninspiring post). Honestly, what's the fun in seeing THESE type of scenes if the females are an eyesore to begin with?? I wouldn't advise of joining GG - you'll be hard pressed to find the Ghetto "Fabulous" content. Great idea - piss poor delivery.

  • by jay jay  -  Rating: 1/5

    sorry but slapping a girl and making her puke just dont do it for me. These guys should have the same shit done to them and see how much they friggin like it. I dont know if these guys are wiggas or racist

  • by Arianna  -  Rating: 2/5

    Personally I do not think they are that bad. Find the files you are looking for at the most comprehensive source for free-to-try files downloads on the Web

  • by italiangagger  -  Rating: 5/5

    personally i love ghetto gaggers.... here in italy there isn't a lot of black sluts and gagging one of them it'd be amazing... i'd pay a lot to do the same sh*t with every girl of GG

  • by GMAn  -  Rating: 3/5

    A little gag is sorta hot, but slapping them and having them vomit is a bit too much. I don't know, but there are limits to everything. Tone down the racism and this site could be better....

  • by Turbo  -  Rating: 5/5

    I love to see black whores in this position!

  • by White boy slim  -  Rating: 1/5

    Fuck all them aids packin motha fuckas,im not a sorry hateing ass raciest,but them raggit black tramps,make all black woman look fucking bad,& those hillbilly raciest gay redneck faggets,fuckin die & burn in HELL!Burn baby burn.,FUCKIN DEVILS.Devils like that make the white race look like strait fucking shit man.''OOOOhhh shit im fucking white,DAMN.''

  • by nookybot  -  Rating: 2/5

    I have read several comments about this site. The one inparticularly is; from their own site that said, it was a non biased review! It said that it was racist porn. The first review and the first sentence. They know themselves that they are fucked up! Those girls looked like drug addicts trying to get money for their next hit. You have to wonder why any self respecting woman would have rotten milk poured on her face and will allow a man to force his penis down her throat until she vomits! Violence against women is violence against women, no matter if you paid her or not.

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