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Kirsten's Room (express review)

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You can see her in Kirstens Room where she loves being a real teenager and you have the chance as a member to have real personal contact with her. This cute and innocent looking teen updates her website three times a week with photos and some home-made videos. Inside Kirstens Room members get access to her fan club along with her diary and photos from her every day life.


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Bottom Line

The price is slightly on the high end, sure, but if you are into cute young things being naughty, if softcore tease sites are your thing, then Kirsten's Room is where it's at, and it doesn't come much sweeter than this. With updates six times a week, you will have a hell of a time keeping up with all the content. There's always something new going on at this site!


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User comments/reviews and ratings of Kirsten's Room:

  • by Wheezer  -  Rating: 1/5

    If you like older Kirstens sets, then join for a month and download them. Treat it like an archive site.

    However, do NOT expect a site where there are new pictures or regular updates.

    In spite of what is listed on the join page, you will not be getting updated videos, picture sets or webcams.

    As long as you know this going in, you will not be disappointed.

    But as a regular $30 a month membership site, the value is really not there.

    On 25 May 2007 the site went away without any word to paying members. This has happened before so it might come up. In the past it would go off line for a week or so them come up, with never a word said to mambers (and many were auto-rebilled while he site was down).

  • by W  -  Rating: 1/5

    Was a member for a long time, then I just had to quit.
    While it was a good site back in 2002, now it is just a shell.

    Kirsten was always had a problem with timely updates, but the site now has reached a new low. The only "updates" are postings of sets 3-5 years old. When you look at her sample page, pull up any of the latest updated and look st the watermark, they typically say (c) 2003 or so.

    For a brief while she did hardcore, but those are gone and she will not post them again .... look elsewhere if you want those older sets.

    There is a forum section, but almost nothing goes on. Kirsten was last on the forum over three (3) weeks ago. She asked for set input, many member gave it, but nothing was ever heard from her. Her last message was asking members to donate money to her for outfits to model, or to send them to her.

    Now her site consists of all very old content (3-5 years old), with mixed quality. Some are professional shots, while the bulk are cam caps.
    Videos also range in quality, a few good ones but the bulk are web cam vids.

    If chunky women are your fetish, then the site may be for you.

    But just know going in to expect NO updates, and NO feedback from her.
    It's really up to you if you think spending $30 a month for a site that does not update or care about it's paying members.

    Take a look CAREFULLY before you join, don't be fooled by what you see on the join screen.

    ... W ...

  • by DAP  -  Rating: 1/5

    When you have opnions like these others than the best thing to do is just stay away. There's way too much to choose from out there then to have to fuck around with stuff like this.

  • by Wheezer  -  Rating: 1/5

    Well the site seems down for good.

    K has the site up in December 2007 and only posted four (4) sets for the entire month. Not the 4 times a week as listed. One "new" set was just a video she has posted on youtube.

    In mid January 2008 members started to ask on the fanclub if it was not just a scam to get some quick member cash to pay holiday bills.

    A few days later, the fanclub went down to "test some functionality".

    Since then, no updates, no fanclub, nothing.
    If you decide to join, well, you have been warned.

  • by Jim  -  Rating: 3/5

    I think Kirsten is sexy, sexy, sexy....I find the site was not what was portraid...she still is hot and sexy and looks well as a full figured sex kitten....mmmmmmgoood!

  • by SandyJeers  -  Rating: 3/5

    I just don't find this girl very attractive. Sorry, but not for me.

  • by Samuel  -  Rating: 3/5

    I have to agree with Sandy. I just don't find this girl that attractive. I'm sure I would probably fuck her in real life if I ever had the chance to, but for a web girl, my girls just have to be a lot hotter than this.

  • by GaryGrimes  -  Rating: 2/5

    Wow, lots of opinions on this girl Kirsten, or more to the point lots of opinions on her website. While I do think she is okay looking for a baby fat covered teen, this site pretty much suck. It's like someboy put it up to make some money and they just don't pay any attention to it anymore. And that's a shame.

  • by Chris  -  Rating: 5/5

    How can anyone not like Kirsten. I guess if you're not into the chubby teen thing which I am massively, and she's the best.

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