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Lex Steele (full review)

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Lex Steele is a badass with a big gun between his legs. He's been around forever and he's fucked almost every porn starlet that has fucked on film. There is really more to this guy than you can ever possibly know unless you watch his XXX videos of him stuffing his sausage into some slut's wet pussy.

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    20 min.
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Review (Updated by Jan)

Lex Steele is definitely not a site that you want to join if you have issues with the size of your cock. His is so large that if your girl ever gets a look at it she's never going to be satisfied with yours again and the way that he punishes that pussy is legendary. Lex is a true porn star and he knows how to keep his member's happy and satisfied.

I'll be the first to tell you the two main things that I do not like about the site. First, there was a popup when I first hit the tour page and I despise popups. Second, the member's area has evolved into a hub for the entire network. Neither of these is a deal breaker when I decide to join a site but it is useful information in my opinion.

I'll tell you a bit about the main member's are before I get to the real reason we're here. From this hub area you can access any of the sites within the Brain Pass network. Currently there are approximately 50 websites that you have access to. There is everything from this hardcore black fuck machine to solo girls to fetishes like squirting. One of the things that did perk my interest about this hub member's area is that they have separated and organized the content by category and you can simply find the niche that you want and it will pull up all scenes within that niche for all sites. It's a pretty handy item to have when you're in a particular mood.

There are two ways to access Lex Steele and that's either through the navigational bar at the top and you click on Sites and then find Lex in that list or the first thing listed in the middle of the member's page is a section with Lex Steele as the featured site and a link that will take you directly to his main site.

Lex's member's area is a little different than most porn sites. Because he has filmed so many movies his scenes are broken down by movie rather than strictly by scene. So, if there is a favorite movie you have you can search for that first or just enjoy them by going down the list one by one. The info for the site states that there are 348 videos and 31 photo sets. Not all of the photo sets feature Lex but you are guaranteed to get at least one amazing chick per set.

The high speed videos are great DVD quality while the low speed videos are totally average. Both versions have WMV and Quicktime/MPG formats available. Each video also has a picture gallery accompanying it although they are video screen captures rather than digital photos. The digital photo sets as well as the video screen captures can be downloaded to your computer as a zip file that will save you time and effort when you go to grab your favorite sets.

There's really a lot offered with your membership and the hot content is just the tip of the iceberg. Lex Steele lures you in and keeps you enthralled while the bonus content ties you up and keeps you from ever leaving.

Bottom Line

Brain Pass has made it a total no brainer about whether you should join their sites or not. It isn't just Lex Steele that's got an amazing site. There are 50 others that are equally as hot and it allows you to explore all of your different fantasies and fetishes. So, while your wife's out spending your hard earned money on manicures and facial lip wax go see how hard Lex can pound that pussy and be sure to check out all of the hot solo girl sites so that you can see what you're missing by being married.


$29.95 for 30 days (recurring)
$59.95 for 90 days (recurring)

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Lex Steele:

  • by Big Bones  -  Rating: 4/5

    This Lex Steele looks like one bad ass dude. Just look at the size of that monster he is packing. No wonder all of those hot bitches are jumping to get on his cock. I seen this guy on some advertisements with Ron Jeremy in the past, but this is the first time I have actually seen his site. In fact, I see that he has several sites that I guess you get access to when you join. I am not gay, but this man needs to be worshiped. All Hail Lex!

  • by Traci  -  Rating: 5/5

    I was thoroughly surprised to see this Lex Steele guy. He looked like a combination of Shaft and Blade and both of them are super sexy. I would like to have this gorgeous stud as my personal slave but since I can't I guess I have to settle for watching him fuck his way through all of these bimbos on his site.

    I've been a member for two months now and can't get enough and every time I log in it seems like there's something new to see. When you also realize that there is a bonus network as big as Lex's cock you're going to be in heaven. The content is awesome and hard and I am a huge fan.

  • by ceasor bennett  -  Rating: 5/5

    Man dude u rock with all those blondes sucking your meat man.u must be in heaven knowing that when u pull down your pants down there eyes pop out out of there head

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