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Lovely Anne (full review)

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Anne is a broke economics student from Hungary who started a nudie website to help pay the bills as soon as she turned eighteen - Lovely Anne is that website! Anne, with her long blonde hair, big natural breasts and taut teenage body, is in fact quite lovely and one look at this Hungarian honey's website will leave you hungry for more! (See, cos she's from's like a, forget it!) Or will it...? (Dun dun dun!) Let's take a look at Lovely Anne and find out...

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    5 min.
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    Full length
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  • wmv (1500 kbps, 640x480)

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Review (Reviewed by Joseph)

The webmasters of Lovely Anne claim that this site is updated three times a week with two new photosets and one new video, but Lovely Anne is actually updated much more sporadically than promised (for example, the site recently went without any video updates for a full eight months!). Lovely Anne is extremely user-friendly - there are links to all of the most pertinent areas of the site displayed at the top of each page.

These pertinent areas include pictures, videos, frequently asked questions, a diary, which hasn't been touched since April of 2005, and an "about me" section, where members can learn a little bit more about this Hungarian hottie that they've come to love (for example, Titanic is one of Anne's favorite movies! Who'd have thunk it? I pegged her as an Ingmar Bergman fan myself...). Random observation: Anne never wears a bra. Ever.

The vast majority of the videos and photosets on Lovely Anne depict our heroine stripping and masturbating solo, but there are also a couple girl-girl photosets sprinkled throughout the newer updates. Anne is photographed and videotaped in a nice variety of locations and outfits, which she slips out of completely before engaging in self-pollution for the cameras.

The photos can be downloaded one at a time in six different sizes or viewed in a slideshow, which can be viewed in six speeds. The photos look awesome. Unlike the excellent photos, the videos on Lovely Anne are rather disappointing. All the videos on Lovely Anne are in the Windows Media format and most clock in at around three minutes. The quality of the videos varies considerably - some videos look excellent while others look totally mediocre. And why are the videos only available in one format and one speed? How can a site that gives its members so many different options for viewing photos do such a poor job of presenting its video content? Answer me that, smart guy!

If you should ever grow tired of looking at lovely Anne (perish the thought!), don't fret: Lovely Anne comes equipped with plenty of bonus material. First, there are twenty extra photosets featuring a number of equally hot babes in 'em. Second, members of Lovely Anne also get access to Lovely Tera, Lovely Irene, Erica's Fantasies and Jenny Reid. Third, there is no more bonus content besides the additional photosets and three extra sites - sorry to have led you on like that, dear reader.

Bottom Line

Lovely Anne is such a good site that it renewed my wavering faith in humanity. Not really, but it is a decent enough site to jerk off to. As always with solo girl sites, I shall advise the reader to cautiously inspect Lovely Anne's tour before joining this site in order to see if Anne really is lovely enough to warrant spending twenty-five bucks a month on.


$29.95 for 1 month (recurring)

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Lovely Anne:

  • by Saretti  -  Rating: 4/5

    Lovely Anne is a fine looking babe. They seem to have a lot of them over there in Europe. While there are a ton of nice pics in this site there really are not enough videos. About thirty is all I saw and that's about enough for a month for somebody like me. So I would pay for one month and then judge it from there.

  • by Mankinney  -  Rating: 4/5

    Lovely Anne is a beautiful girl and could easily be the next first lady of porn if she really wanted to be. All she has to do is...well we all know what she has to do. She knows it too. But until that time comes, then I think I'll pass on her website.

  • by Swvernson  -  Rating: 3/5

    Lovely Anne is in fact a lovely girl with a terrific body on her. The site however is not as sexy as Anne herself is. The updates are not as often as promises and as a result there is not near as much content as there should be. The pics are for the most part very, very good, but the videos are lacking in as much as they are only available in one format. The pluses are of course, the lady Anne herself, some fun features and some nice bonus content.

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