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Old Farts Young Tarts (full review)

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Teens these days, with their cell phones and pornography that they download onto their iPods - they got it too easy, consarnit! Why, in my day, we had to walk forty miles in the snow uphill to get to the peepshow booth! And we only got to see a single nipple for our nickel! Teens these days don't know how easy they got it! Good thing there's Old Farts Young Tarts to set these young whippersnappers straight! Old Farts Young Tarts lets members of the so-called "Greatest Generation" show young strumpets how it's done! visitors have an exclusive discount at Cum Girls! All links to Cum Girls on our site already include the discount so you can rest assured you will enter their site at the discounted price.

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    25 min.
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Review (Updated by Ashley)

First off, the people who designed this place have put a fair bit of effort in to making Old Farts Young Tarts a not-so-serious porn site - do yourself a favor and check this site out even if you have no desire to see a seventy-four-year-old man bang a nineteen-year-old girl. Seriously, the graphics on the main page alone are amusing enough to warrant a visit. From the images of "pimped out" wheelchairs, and the "casting couch" which is just a park bench... you should get a laugh out of it all. Although the design looks good, they could have spent a little more time working on the navigation. The content is only split in two categories: videos and pictures, and there is no way to look through them all without browsing page by page.

Each video is broken up into three clips; these clips in turn come in three sizes: low, high and full screen. You will need Windows Media Player to watch the clips, which will need to be downloaded onto your hard drive because there were no streaming options. Your patience will be rewarded with high definition videos that are shot well and leave absolutely nothing to the imagination.

All of the video updates in the archive are accompanied by a picture gallery. Each photoset contains anywhere between twenty-five pics up to 150, with newer episodes having an average of around 120. The pics are absolutely gigantic and look great too so if you're more in to images than videos then you'll like this place. The photos are so clear that you can see every detail of the girls' bodies (including stretch marks and varicose veins!) in glorious Technicolor. Most of the photos appear to be have been shot during filming, but there's also a couple bonus sets that don't accompany any of the videos.

I'm not one hundred percent sure, but I'm guessing Old Farts Young Tarts must be made in Europe - only in Europe would girls this young and beautiful be willing to fuck men so old and ugly. And, let's face it, these old creeps are plenty ugly. I defy any person reading this review to maintain a hard-on whilst watching these grizzled old fucks in action. Watching these buzzards flap their dentures all over these young babes is truly disturbing - thank goodness the girls are so hot that you barely notice the guys and their flabby bodies.

The action on Old Farts Young Tarts is pretty graphic. Recoil in horror as you watch girls toss the salads of elderly men and piss into glass bowls for the pleasure of perverted geezers. All of this stuff gives new meaning to the term "dirty old man" and should definitely not be viewed by anyone with a weak mind... or stomach!

Bottom Line

If you're looking for both quantity and quality then you should find a good mix between the two at Old Farts Young Tarts. The amount of content here isn't the largest available by any means, but the quality of it did a lot to make up for that in my opinion. You'll see tight young pussy getting filled with old dick, and nothing more, just like they promised on the tour.

Prices visitors have an exclusive discount at Cum Girls! All links to Cum Girls on our site already include the discount so you can rest assured you will enter their site at the discounted price.

Discounted prices:
14.95 for 1 month (recurring)

Regular prices:
19.95 for 1 month (recurring)
54.95 for 3 months (recurring)

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Old Farts Young Tarts:

  • by Big Bob  -  Rating: 4/5

    This site makes getting older not feel so bad and if you are going up in age like I am then you will enjoy this site. I love teen sites that feature real amateur girls getting sex lessons and this site delivers. However, I was little mad because there is not as much content inside and I was expecting there to be so much more. I just joined so we will wait and see how often they make new updates.

  • by Antlers  -  Rating: 3/5

    I was rather disappointed. Videos suck. If you are looking for teen/old man sex then go to Oldje.

  • by Swedeman  -  Rating: 3/5

    I love these hot young girls fucking these dirty old men. It gives me hope, because I'm getting there fast. Overall it's not the best site I have ever seen but it is one of the only sites I have ever seen under this category. It's fun but I would prefer there was more content and that the videos were clearer.

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