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Party Hardcore (full review)

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What do you get when you combine young, horny chicks, alcohol and hot hunky strippers? You get Party Hardcore! I was honestly expecting this to just be another girls getting drunk and flashing their tits type site but I was very wrong. This is a unique site and I've never seen anything like it. I can't wait to explore it and download as much as I can to continue enjoying.

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    180 min.
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Review (Updated by Mike)

This is a unique site. The whole premise of it is that a bunch of girl's at a strip club get drunk and out of hand and clothes start coming off and everyone gets involved in sex. There's sex between the strippers and girls and sex between the girls when there's no more cock available. It's like a mass orgy with the majority of the participants being women and the rest being hot, beefy strippers.

The member's area of Party Hardcore is very basic. When you log in you will find yourself on a page that has scene after scene listed. There are a total of 5 scenes per page on 42 pages and if you do the math that means that there are 210 scenes of this out of control sex.

Imagine stepping into a club full of hot male strippers and horny drunk women and that's exactly what you will see in this content. Sometimes it starts as innocently as one of the girls getting aroused and starting to touch herself and other times it is one of the strippers who antagonizes the crowd into an all out fuck and suck fest. Regardless of how it gets started you are going to love watching all of these full-length videos.

Each scene has full-length videos available for download in WMV or AVI. You also can stream the smaller video clips that average approximately 2 minutes each in length. Either way that you are going to view the videos you should be prepared for some wait time. The full-length video can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to download depending on your connection and the video clips take 1-2 minutes each to buffer before beginning to play. The length of time is the only drawback on downloading the full-length video but when you have it finished you can watch it without interruption. I prefer this over the clips because just as you've gotten really into the action you have to load another clip which takes approximately 1-2 minutes to load and play. That can be a real mood inhibitor when you're extremely horny.

The quality of the exclusive content on Party Hardcore is amazing. Not only do you get long, high-quality videos but you also get a huge selection of high-resolution digital photos with each scene. There are anywhere from 110-190 photos per scene and they take you from the beginning of the crazy evening all the way through to the point that everyone has cum and is laying around spent.

You don't have any bonus features that accompany your membership but the producers of Party Hardcore have made sure that you have enough content to keep your cock hard or your pussy wet. This is a site that will appeal to everyone because it has great hardcore sex for the men and allows the women to live out a few of their own fantasies.

Bottom Line

Insanity is the only word to describe this amazing website. From crazy stripper parties where average women end up sucking cock, to all out hundred people orgy parties, I was blown away watching this hot action. You can almost feel like you were there, which is the mark of a producer that knows what they are doing.


29.99 for 30 days (recurring)

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Party Hardcore:

  • by Jeremy J  -  Rating: 3/5

    The concept of the site is what drew me in and the free pictures on the site enticed me to join, but now that I am a member I am wondering why I even did it. The price was more than I bargained for, but since the content looked so good I went ahead and signed up. I also was concerned that the amount of content in the members' area was lacking and trying to navigate to even find the content was hard enough. After you do finally get to the content you will realize that what they do have is pretty decent. My opinion is this site should be used for a quick run in and get off in the middle of the night and to do that they should lower the monthly price a bit or at least offer a trial.

  • by jackyl  -  Rating: 4/5

    Dude this fucking site gets me off like nothing else. You are right that the navigation is missed, but the price sure aint bad for what you do get.

  • by Micro  -  Rating: 4/5

    This party shit is off the hook and I am seeing more and more of this type of stuff. Party Hardcore is one of my favorites though. They have some really hot chicks getting fucked good and hard.

  • by Trackboy8  -  Rating: 4/5

    Just imagine taking the girls gone wild concept and running way, way further with it and you end up with Party Hardcore. And that's what this is. The big difference of course being all the hot sucking and fucking and group action that seems to go on where ever these cameras end up. The site does have its flaws and there are things to be addressed but I'd have to say these guys are on the right track because this shit is hot!

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