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See Her Squirt (full review)

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We started keeping tabs on this squirt site back in July of 2005. Since then it has grown quite a bit and it continues to update twice a month but the big news is the huge collection of networked sites now offered along with it. These days, just because you want to See Her Squirt that doesn't mean you can't watch her do everything else as well on a network that offers you 1,524 exclusive movies as one of the best deals for your porn dollar anywhere online.

Site Facts


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    30 min.
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    Clips & Full length
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  • wmv (500 kbps, 480x360)

  • flash (500 kbps, 640x480)


  • Extras: Network/bonus site access, 3rd party feeds, Live cams

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Review (Updated by Rel)

See Her Squirt gives you all the gushing gashes and sexy squirting snatches that the tour promises you - but it also provides a lot more than that! This one site includes 57 exclusive videos and continues to update twice a month. However, the site is just one of dozens of networked sites you get full access to with your membership. The combination of sites features some other squirting content as well and overall it works out to be 1,524 exclusive videos and 1,641 bonus non-exclusive movies as well with updates to at least one of the sites on a daily basis.

Because See Her Squirt is a site that has been around a while, it does a solid job looking after the needs of dialup users with smaller clips and low speed streaming versions available for every update. The downloadable content maxes out at 320x240 resolution though which may be a bit lower than broadband users would have hoped for. Recently, in the past two months, the site and the network have started to add higher quality Flash streaming versions of the new updates but those are not available for the older movies.

Along with each update See Her Squirt also gives members two different sets of pictures. One is screen grabs from the movie and the other is a high-res photo-shoot featuring the same starlet in 600x400 resolution. These are not high enough quality images to be worth printing out but they are definitely good quality slideshow material.

As for navigation, See Her Squirt does an excellent job of allowing users to go to any other networked site with a simple pull-down menu of site names. It also has a "favorites section" that allows uses to tag models or movies in their own collection for later use. However, the biggest downside of the whole site is that it lacks any kind of search functionality.

If you see Kylie Worthy on See Her Squirt and want to find other movies on the network that she is in.... you have to browse each site on your own which can take a long time and may not lead to any gold at the end of the rainbow. It would be a lot better if you could just look her up network-wide with a search box.

Bottom Line

Overall this is a quality site and it definitely has some excellent exclusive squirting material but See Her Squirt misses the mark on a few important targets. The highest video resolution really should be better than 320x240 but it isn't and there really needs to be a search function but they don't provide one. If you don't mind those two drawbacks then See Her Squirt is well worth the monthly price. Take the tour and see for yourself... but wear goggles to help keep her cum out of your eyes!


$4.95 for 3 days (trial)
$29.98 for 30 days (recurring)

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User comments/reviews and ratings of See Her Squirt:

  • by ImSoHoRnY  -  Rating: 3/5

    If you are a squirting fan then I highly suggest this site. I had a few problems with the site, but all of the negative was out done by everything the site had to offer. The only bad thing I can really think of is that if you use firefox as a browser you had to have a video plugin to watch the videos and I could never get it installed or working.

  • by RonnyFox  -  Rating: 4/5

    Very cute and horny amateur babes who masterubate, suck and fuck until their pussies squirt out that sexy lady cum. That sweet nector that every man starts out sort of doubting but we all want to see. The girls in this site are top notch and the action rocks.

  • by S.T.Blake  -  Rating: 4/5

    See her Squirt has some real baby dolls squirting that chick cum out of their pussies. Damn cute girls. Some who make themselves horny enough to squirt and some that need some help to squirt but in the end they all do squirt. There is not a ton of squirt content here yet but they update all the time and they give members enough bonus content to keep just about any dick happy for quite some time.

  • by ShayBaby  -  Rating: 4/5

    The last girl I was with told me she could squirt so I had her masturbate for me and do it. Man, she squirted across the damn room and it made me so hot I have been checking out squirting sites ever since. This one, See Her Squirt, is one of the best ones I have found so far. The site has a few flaws but they are not big enough to keep me away. I love these hot nasty bitches squirting all over the place and as long as the keep squirting, I'll keep cumming...back that is.

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